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  • Monday Update     12 February 2018

    Hi there,

    We woke to the news this morning that a body had been discovered on Sumner beach. Police have not confirmed the identity of the person so we will wait for further news before updating again.

    Search operations were scheduled to get underway again today with the heli and plane set to go but this will be on hold until the body has been identified.



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  • Sunday update     11 February 2018


    There was a huge turnout yesterday from volunteers and donors to the search but unfortunately no sign of Jack yet.

    Yesterday the weather was good and the fixed wing and Heli were in the air twice each but had no luck. Dozens of volunteers were on the water and the shore searching and the coastguard have been scanning the sea floor in the area but there is just no sign of Jack.

    Today is another day and unfortunately the weather has turned. Planes and helicopters are unable to fly this morning but we will keep an eye on it through the day.

    We have also lost the support of the coastguard today, head office have called off their search. This is difficult news to hear as the local coastguard have been incredible in leading the search and coordinating the volunteer effort.

    We will keep going though, if the opportunity the in the air comes today we will, and tomorrow the weather looks good for flying so if we don’t find Jack today we will try again tomorrow.

    For any search updates or you would like to contact the family to help with the search visit





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  • Search Updates     09 February 2018

    Hi All,

    Trish has made a great point in the comments regarding the current spend on the search. We have raised over 8k so far and this has allowed us to put planes and helicopters in the air for the last couple of days, however I haven't been able to show the spend so far as I haven't yet received an invoice. I estimate the spend so far is between 5 and 6k based on the rates I have been quoted and time in the air.

    I have learnt there are limited resources when engaging in a search and this is a particularly busy time of year for commercial operators. As a result we have had Garden City Heli helping on the search as well. Their heli was incredibly useful searching yesterday and we will look at getting them in the air again today.

    When possible we will use the plane as it is more cost effective and if the search continues into the weekend there will be a plane in the air each morning. That will exhaust the current funding.

    Thank you all again for your support so far, if I could please ask that you share this page again so that we can reach more generous people out there that would be amazing.

    Thanks again,


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  • Seach Updates     07 February 2018

    Hi All,

    Thank you so much for the donations and support over the last day, what an incredible effort. The volunteer effort has stepped up to support the coastguard today which is great to see. We have been able to have a plane search the area last night and this morning and will have planes in the air each day as the search continues.

    Fingers crossed we can get Jack back to his family soon.



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  • $13,513.01 donated
  • 354 generous donors

$13,513 donated

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