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Jason Bathgate & Andrew Childs were seriously burned when a kettle erupted. Please help us raise money for them during this difficult period

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On 10th September Jason Bathgate of 8 Wired Brewing and Andrew Childs of Behemoth Brewing Company were seriously burned when a kettle erupted. They were airlifted to Auckland hospital and, given the gravity of their burns, recovery will take time. Both have received numerous skin grafts so far, an aspect of the accident that's still underway.

This Give A Little Page has been set up to raise and beyond so they can focus on getting well without the worry of financial pressures.

It's times like this we realise what an incredibly supportive family the beer community is and this is a way for some of us who can't be in Auckland visiting them to show our support by doing something practical for Jason and Andrew and their families.

Right now, visits to operating theatre and skin grafts have become routine. Once out of hospital, dressings will still need professional attention and the cost of commuting to surgery will add up. They will also need as much support as possible in the home. If you know these two, then you know recovery is unquestionable, but as some of you know, with burns, it's still a long road ahead. All things considered, they're in good spirits and doing relatively well, although right now they can't drink delicious beers made by their mates around New Zealand and the world!

The guys are in the best possible hands at the National Burns Centre at Middlemore Hospital and, even if you can't give here, they'd really appreciate visitors to break the long days. Visiting hours are 2 to 8 pm, though it's best to ring the unit (09 276 0000) before arriving. Please be aware, no flowers or plants allowed.

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“Get well soon.”
“Monie - I am so amazed by you, by your strength. Jason is a lucky man. Our continued prayers for you both.”
“One of the many Vermonters sending best wishes to you both. Here's hoping every little bit helps.”
“Looking forward to enjoying a beer with you both soon.”
“With love to Jason”
“Monica, i'm glad to see the boys continue to make improvements. Reading through the comments I'm happy to see you have a great extended chosen family supporting you both. Positive thoughts are being sent across the seas to you.”
“Great beer gentlemen at In Ya Face event at Mash Inn. Keep healing up guys.”
“Kia kaha on the road to recovery. Cheers, Phillippa & Jason”
“Wishing both of you a speedy recovery so you can both get back to making fantastic beers!!”
  • $19,345.57 donated
  • 156 generous donors

$19,346 donated

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