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Jessica's GRS

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Help Jessica pay for her Genital Reconstructive Surgery in Thailand.

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Treatment Dream In Need

My name is Jessica, I am a transgender woman living in Wellington. Being unable to afford Genital Reconstructive Surgery/GRS (quoted NZD $15,893 by Chettawut plastic surgery in Thailand on 18/04/2017) is a great obstacle preventing me from having a truly meaningful quality of life. I live honest to myself but my body is still at odds with who I am.

My life is currently devoted towards raising funds for my healthcare; every cent I earn is dedicated to my operation. Unfortunately even working full-time I am capable of very little.

This procedure cannot be performed in New Zealand; surgery is only possible overseas, it is incredibly expensive and there is almost no government funding. The current waiting list for public funding is at least 40 years, meaning I would be in my late sixties before being able to start living as myself. It is also unreasonably difficult to be placed on the waiting list. I am legally female, have been on hormone therapy for three years, have psychiatric approval and am still unsuccessful in gaining placement. The only obstacle is money.

I have set an open goal because the full cost of surgery is too much for me to ask for but this is the unfortunately reality of healthcare for trans people. I need this operation and will work and save as many years as it takes but any donations will only help me live a happy life sooner.

I will pay for the cost of travel and accommodation and food during recovery along with spending as much of my wages as possible towards the procedure itself. I hope to undergo surgery in the second half of 2018 and if I have not met my goal by then through donations and personal investment I will attempt to loan the remainder.

I am no more deserving of charity than any other trans person in the same situation, I am simply coping with my life as best I can and encourage any other trans person to do the same.

Help pay for the cost of genital reconstructive surgery and surgery only. Flights, accommodation, post operative care and all other expenses will be personally funded.

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Jessica Green


I am the sole recipient of this cause. I am asking for money to help contribute towards paying the total cost of my genital surgery abroad as this surgery is not publicly funded and cannot be performed in New Zealand. I have started this page in the hopes of raising money to supplement my own personal savings.

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of J Green.

  • $4,912.81 donated
  • 82 generous donors

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This cause page was created on 15 May 2017 and closes at 17:00 NZST (UTC +12:00) on 05 May 2018.

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