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  • Update 9 May     9 May 2019
    Posted by: Euthanasia-Free NZ Inc.

    Initially the Second reading on the End of Life Choice Bill was expected in early April, since Parliament's Justice Committee was due to publish their report by 27 March.

    Their report was postponed to 9 April and the Second Reading was then expected to start as early as 1 May.

    However, Parliament dealt with other Bills on the 1st so the next opportunity for the Second Reading is on Wednesday 22 May. If there would not be enough time to complete the debate and vote on this day, it would likely be on Wednesday 19 June.

    If this Bill gets voted through at Second Reading, DefendNZ will need to continue their efforts against this Bill during the next stage, during which amendments will be debated. Since the proposed amendments are varied and extensive, it looks like this stage could take several months.

    It has therefore become necessary to extend the time frame on this page and communicate the specific goal of $70,000.

    Thanks very much to everyone who has already chipped in!

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  • Update 28/04/2019     9 May 2019
    Posted by: Euthanasia-Free NZ Inc.

    We hope you've been as encouraged as we are with the first weeks of #DefendNZ: Five documentaries, a website full of useful information, a book of Kiwi's stories and expert profiles, and, of course, all of the media attention. DefendNZ has raised awareness of just how dangerous the End of Life Choice Bill is, and how many vulnerable people it would endanger. People are listening.

    A defeat at Second Reading would stop the Bill in its tracks and would truly #DefendNZ.

    DefendNZ has some great plans in store for this period leading up to Second Reading and beyond if need be - plans that will bring the momentum the movement has created with the public right home to MPs in Wellington.

    But we need your help. DefendNZ needs to raise $70,000 to see these ambitious, achievable plans brought to life.

    Will you pitch in – $10, $20, $50, or more – to help us #DefendNZ? Will you help us convince MPs to vote "no" to assisted suicide?

    Thanks to everyone who has already made a donation through this page or by contacting us directly. Due to the changing dates of Second Reading, and the increase in what needs to be done, we’ve extended this fundraiser and increased the goal.

    This assisted suicide Bill, if passed, would put some of our most vulnerable people at risk of some of the very worst forms of abuse. It would make our doctors and pharmacists complicit in ending the lives of their patients. Assisted suicide presents a grave danger to the young, elderly, sick, disabled and mentally ill people in our communities.

    Euthanasia-Free NZ are proud to be fundraising for the #DefendNZ movement.

    For help, or if you'd like to make a larger donation directly into a bank account, please contact DefendNZ at and someone will get in touch with you! Thank you so much!

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