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Kate's Chance to walk unaided

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    Geneva asks

    I'm not trying to be rude or anything, just wanting to understand further: if it was medical misadventure, why is ACC not able to help in any way? Why must you go to a children's hospital if you're 21, and why do you need both parents to go? Surely one parent will manage and it will bring costs down to make your goal more achievable.

    on 12 May 2018

    • Kate Harpur


      HI Geneva,

      You have the right to ask. The surgery is not available in New Zealand and what people do not know or understand is the ACC does not cover overseas treatment there is no legalization to allow that to happen otherwise they would pay for it.

      regarding the children hospital, I am under age of 26 hence why I have it at the children hospital in America their policy for this surgery at that hospital is anyone under the age of 26 is at children and then over is at the adult hospital which cost more.

      Regarding my parents, one is flying with me and then swapping halfway through ( 5 weeks ) due to work reasons. With the jobs my parents do they both can't offer to take four weeks off and my Mum is only allowed to take 2.5 weeks off St Louis hospital will not let me there on my own due to the complications.

      The price is $100K with one parent anyway the biggest thing is the accommodation and surgery

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    Bronwyn asks

    l see you estimate of costs include taking your parents with you, if you went on your own you wouldn't need that cost. l have had to face many surgeries since childhood on my own because having a parent or partner off work was not possible.

    on 2 Mar 2018

    • Kate Harpur


      Unforcantly due to the complexity of the Surgery St Louis children's rules is that parents or at least one need to be with you otherwise you can't have the surgery. Due to family reasons, Mum and Dad will be doing slip shifts as in Mum 2 weeks and Dad 3 weeks or something.

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