Kaye Sanders road to recovery.

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Loburn, Canterbury

Life can throw lemons, and our dearest Kaye has been thrown a big one. On the 13th of September Kaye suffered a brain aneurysm, and the following day a stroke. This left Kaye in a very vulnerable position in ICU and for the better part of 2 weeks, she was sedated and monitored 24/7. The stroke occurred on the right hand side of her brain, so her mobility is affected on her left hand side. At this stage it is unknown the full extent of the stroke effects. We all know that Kaye is a strong and determined lady so she has already made great progress. Kaye is now out of ICU and is trying so hard with her mobility tests and physio, she is making really positive improvements one day at a time but it is incredibly exhausting for her. With this being said she has a big journey ahead of her, which will involve intensive rehabilitation to learn how to talk and use her body again. We all love Kaye and sometimes it can be hard to know what to do to help, we have created this give a little page for those who would like to donate some money for Kaye to help support her through this journey.

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Kaye's daughter Holly and her niece Sarah have created this page.

Use of funds

The money will help cover costs for her thoroughbred breeding business and other general expenses to help keep the farm running while she is unable to work.

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Andrew 'Beans'
Andrew 'Beans' on 22 Dec 2021
Hope you have a merry christmas and a happy new year!
Nabeel on 29 Nov 2021
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