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Keep Quarrying out of our Communities

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Templeton - NO QUARRY!!!! Help us fight Fulton Hogan's Resource Consent application and getting NZ law changed regarding quarry activities.

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Quarrying activity within 100 meters of your house?? Having to vacuum with a mask on due to hazardous silica dust (similar effects as asbestos) in your house??

This is the reality for some people in our nation due to quarrying activity.

2018 started with the shocking and disturbing news that Fulton Hogan wants

to develop 170 hectares of rural land right on the outskirts of Christchurch

into a new Quarry. Health effects, noise, traffic concerns and changes in lifestyle are some of the

serious concerns shared by Templeton/Weedons residents.

We know that Fulton Hogan is applying for a resource consent. In the current system, the only legal option that we have to oppose this Quarry is for Templeton Residents and Groups to make written statements (submissions) writing in detail the adverse effects the quarry will have on them as well as their concerns and comments.

For our community/TRA to do this well we need to engage with various experts to assist in this process. Unfortunately they come at a significant cost.

Every cent donated will go towards the fight - NO QUARRY.

Use of Funds:

Support the Templeton Residents Association and the community with the costs of experts and costs towards fighting the quarry. One of our ultimate goals is to get the NZ law changed so that this does not happen to other communities.

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Templeton Residents Association


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Templeton Residents Association .

“Challenging all Wild Road Residents to do the same...”
“Templeton RA you are going absolutely above & beyond - we owe you so much. Let's keep that quarry out of our community!!!!”
“Hope it helps”
“Law change required to protect NZ quality / way of life. This is a country wide issue that must be addressed.”
“Quarries are needed but not so close to a village of 2,000 people. Even 2 km away would be more responsible. Surely with over $172 million profit last year Fulton Hogan could wear the transport costs of 2 km. People don't matter but money does to the shareholders (see Companies Office). Is there room for a quarry on Whitewash Head Road, Scarborough next to their home)?”
“This fight should not be happening. It is beyond belief we have to do this - just to have a what should be an accepted quality of life.”
  • $3,238.00 donated
  • 30 generous donors

$3,238 donated

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