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One Mountain at a Time - Updates - Givealittle

  • Speaking to Aquinas College     21 August 2013

    I was invited to speak at a local school about my experience with cancer.

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  • Tracy Pepper's Expedition of Hope     21 August 2013

    This video explains my mission and my appeal.

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  • Update for 16/03/2013     16 March 2013

    I am well on my way with my training. My body is getting stronger and I'm feeling a lot less nervous about the climb. I'm meeting and speaking to people who have done it and who have reassured me that I can do this! We all have good days and bad days. Now my focus on on fundraising. I've found a documentary film producer who loves my story. This has increased our budget to $30,000 to cover costs. Sounds daunting, raising that sort of money in 6 months but I'm being positive. It always has a way of working out. If it's meant to be it will be. I've got a lot of irons in the fire! Here's hoping some of them get real hot.

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  • Update for 19/01/2013     19 January 2013

    To read more about how this all came about please go to my blog at I cannot do this without lots of support! This journey is to show that you can do absolutely anything - even when you're told you can't or you shouldn't. The only limits are in your mind. I am looking for sponsorship. Please if you know of a business who would like to get behind me, pass on my story. I also need supplies - boots, jacket, tramping gear, video camera. If anyone has something I could even borrow for 9 months... that would be awesome.

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  • In the Beginning...     7 December 2012

    Here's one of our favourite paragraphs from Tracy's blog: However, there was hope. Chemo drugs had just been approved by the Canadian Drug Association which had not yet been tested on humans. My mom was given the option that I be used in a clinical trial to test these drugs. Trialing the drugs increased my chance of survival by 30% but the side effects could be fatal. Some of the side effects were; kidney damage, lung damage, hearing loss, seizures, memory loss, liver damage, tremors, depression, brain damage, nerve damage, heart failure, death. Long term side effects were virtually unknown. Without treatment, the cancer would spread rapidly as the tumour had metastasized and there was evidence that it was already in my lymphatic system and liver. It was a long shot but at least I could be used to find the cure for other ovarian cancer patients. My mother agreed and she donated me to science. To read more about Tracy's personal journey go to:

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