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Saving our Kiwi of the Sea

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Given by 81 generous donors in around 4 months

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New Zealand holds the last hope for some of the Ocean's most precious treasures. Hector's and Maui Dolphins need our help to survive!

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  Canterbury Conservation Marine Awareness

Since the introduction of nylon filament nets in the 1970s, Hector’s dolphin numbers have dropped from 30,000 to less than 7,000. The situation is even worse for Maui’s dolphins, the North Island subspecies of Hector’s dolphins. More than 90% are already lost. With less than 50 dolphins left and less than 20 breeding females, Maui's dolphins are facing imminent extinction.

Hector’s and Maui’s dolphins breed very slowly. Even under ideal circumstances a population of 100 individuals can only grow by two animals a year at the most. Saving this species is a race against time that can only be won if fishing-related mortality is prevented. New protection measures introduced in 2008 were a significant step in the right direction, but still fall way short of what is needed to facilitate population recovery and avoid extinction.

Marine biologists and conservationists, including NABU International, have called for a New Zealand-wide ban on gillnets, and for the careful management of other threats, such as pollution, marine mining, tidal power stations in prime dolphin habitat, aquaculture and others.

Hector’s dolphins continue to decline because protection measures are inadequate. Unless things change, the species will become extinct. But in the absence of fisheries bycatch, Hector’s dolphins could recover to 15,000 within a few decades.

We want to Give a Little to our national treasures of the sea... by donating, spreading the word and fighting this cause, we can save our Maui's and Hector's Dolphins, our kiwis of the sea. - NABU International

Georgia Perry's involvement

We are challenging ourselves by rowing a surf boat from North Beach, Christchurch to Akaroa - some 87km total. This is a massive feat that will finish with blistered hands, aching muscles and chaffed bottoms; so why put ourselves through it?

We all have a passion for the ocean. It is so full of life, yet that life is slowly diminishing and it has no voice to speak up. If we all do a little to help, we can make a big difference!

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  • KJohnM

    KJohnM on 09 Oct 2016


    May the wind and tides be favourable! :)


  • Cameron Clan

    Cameron Clan on 06 Oct 2016


    We love both the cause and your guts to row it. What's next Rob??!!!


  • Corinne

    Corinne on 30 Sep 2016


    Thanks for your efforts


  • Janey Wackrow

    Janey Wackrow on 28 Sep 2016


    Awesome effort TEAM!


  • Shaun and Jules

    Shaun and Jules on 27 Sep 2016


    Congrats on an awesome effort!


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$10,195 donated

Given by 81 generous donors in around 4 months

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