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Kooge's funeral fund

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    Mary asks

    Hi there, if Kooge is still able to eat, please ask him to try a plant based diet. I have recently turned vegan as animal products cause inflammation and development of cancerous cells. I have noticed the difference instantly. As a last ditch effort, I think he should try a vegan diet if he is still able to eat. Why not try? All the best to Kooge and praying this is not the end for him

    on 14 Jul 2020

    • Rebecca  Parkes


      Hi Mary, thanks for the thought, I know it's coming from a good place. However Kooge has tried many different remedies and has now chosen to stop all treatments, including diet changes, based on the information given to him by his medical team. Unfortunately glioblastoma is always terminal eventually, and it's through Kooge's determination and trying different treatments that he has made it to double the usual life expectancy. Kind regards, Rebecca.

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