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Lachie Love needs your help!

on 16 Jan 2023

Kylie asks

Hi, my name is Kylie and I am so sorry to hear about Lachie's diagnosis.

I work for a charity called TimeOut. We connect generous holiday homeowners all around the country who are willing to donate a stay to a person diagnosed with an incurable illness so that they can spend time together and make special memories with family & friends.

If you are interested in applying or just want to find out more, we would love to help. Recipients can apply online at or email with any questions. Take care, Kylie

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on 10 Jan 2023

Shane asks

Hi Nikki, would the family be interested in 4 tickets to Elton John on Jan 28th in Auckland? I read that Lachie loves music. I have a daughter the same age as Lachie who loves Elton, and we can’t make it. Let me know if I can help. Thanks. Shane


Hi Shane, thanks so much for your generous offer! I think we may have failed Lachie in that he isn't sure who Elton John is, so we wouldn't feel right taking them from you, it's also right around the time treatment starts so we're not sure how he'll be feeling then. Once again your offer is very much appreciated!

Nikki Donkin
on 9 Jan 2023

Jo asks

Hi Nikki my name is Jo and I have 2 Ed Sheeran tickets for the only concert in Wellington on February the 2nd and wondered if Lachie would be able to use them?

Regards Jo


Hi Jo,

Thanks for getting in touch with the offer of tickets, it's much appreciated. I think we've been able to get some tickets for him to the Auckland show <3

Thanks again!

Nikki Donkin
on 9 Jan 2023

Sheree asks

Hi Nikki. So sorry to hear about Lachie’s health battle. I have 2 spare tickets to see Ed Sheeran in Auckland Friday 10th February if Lachie would like them?

Regards, Sheree


Hi Sheree, thank's so much for your offer! We have managed to secure Ed Sheeran tickets for Lachie for the Auckland show. Thanks again for your generosity <3

Nikki Donkin
on 9 Jan 2023

Dark asks

Hi is he a Batman fan? If so please contact “random acts of Batman “ (on Facebook)

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