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Legal Challenge to stop 1080 poison drops

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To bring an injunction or private prosecutions against DOC and its contractors to stop aerial 1080 drops and to fund other initiatives.

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We have identified some important legal challenges that need determination in court. The funds raised here will firstly fund an injunction (if we can't by other means) to stop any further poison drops on DOC land, Maori Land and any private land or in water in New Zealand and then to move to a full hearing into the legality of current poison drops. We also have advanced plans to bring private prosecutions against Epro, Vector, Ospri and other contractors.

Our Lawyer, Sue Grey, has already identified a number of unlawful acts of the crown and its contractors and now we want to test these in court and stop all future use of 1080. We also will use some of the funds to advance any initiatives that help stop a drop such as a hui of Maori Land Owners or a challenge to the false information being circulated as facts.

This is a costly process but a lot of people giving a little will achieve a lot.

All funds will be held in a separate bank account in trust with a three person approval process for payout. Those three trustees are Alan Simmons, Tracy Livingston and Sue Grey.

We thank you for your support.

Alan Simmons' involvement (page creator)

I am coordinating a fund raising program to challenge in court the continued use of aerial 1080 on public or private land.

Use of funds

The funds will be used solely to bring these actions in court and should any be left over we will distribute that to programmes that enhance our birds or wildlife in New Zealand.

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July Update.  3 July 2019

Again so many thanks to everyone who has donated to this cause. I just wanted to bring you up to date with progress on possible actions.

We have undertaken a series of OIA requests and follow up requests to ensure we have access to all relevant information and to help Sue to assess possible actions. From this have identified over 10 possible legal challenges involving apparent criminal or civil breaches of statutory obligations by DoC, OSPRI and/or poison contractors.

We have chosen two priority actions which we are developing a case for now. These need to be done soon as they have a statutory limit on bringing criminal proceedings. In both cases the Department of Conservation have delayed providing the information required as evidence to satisfy a court. The OIA act says they are to provide information as soon as practicable but no later than 20 working days. Instead of providing the information promptly and diligently as the law expects, Docs; employees have waited for close to the 20 working day deadline and then advised they are extending another 30 days.

This is clearly unsatisfactory and contrary to the public interest so I have personally laid a complaint with the Ombudsman as it appears to be a deliberate attempt to run us out of time and could amount to perverting the course of justice.

In the meantime the Pihanga drop along the Northern side of the Tongariro National Park was stopped by a combination of community efforts and legal action using the Maori Lake Taupo Settlement legislation. An injunction was also submitted to the Maori Land Court to stop the 1080 operation over the Maori owned forests. This was not heard, apparently due to the operation being "called off" BUT then suddenly the 1080 was dropped a few days later without warning. We are therefore considering proceedings as Ospri and Epro made misrepresentations and then went ahead knowing an injunction was before the court.

This shows the level of deceit and underhanded tactics being used as last ditch efforts to justify poison drops to control TB, even in areas where there are few if any


Both Sue Grey and myself flew to Ubud, Bali (at our own expense) and gave testimony to the International Tribunal of Natural Justice at its latest seatings into Ecocide and Weaponisation of the Ionosphere. They were unbelieving that clean green New Zealand was aerially spreading deadly poison doing and it is likely they will hold a hearing here in NZ later this year or early 2020. Video of our testimony will be available soon.

Sue also spoke at the related Health Symposium.

To date we have not paid out any of the funds raised except $200.00 for filing fees for the injunction.

Tracy Livingston has been added as a trustee to oversee the fund.

Again many thanks to everyone.

Alan Simmons

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$13,550 donated

Given by 264 generous donors in around 3 months

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