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Legal Challenge to stop 1080 poison drops

Cause page created in the Environment category by Alan Simmons for "Legal challenge of 1080 poison operations"

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To bring an injunction or private prosecutions against DOC and its contractors to stop aerial 1080 drops and to fund other initiatives.

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We have identified some important legal challenges that need determination in court. The funds raised here will firstly fund an injunction (if we can't by other means) to stop any further poison drops on DOC land, Maori Land and any private land or in water in New Zealand and then to move to a full hearing into the legality of current poison drops. We also have advanced plans to bring private prosecutions against Epro, Vector, Ospri and other contractors.

Our Lawyer, Sue Grey, has already identified a number of unlawful acts of the crown and its contractors and now we want to test these in court and stop all future use of 1080. We also will use some of the funds to advance any initiatives that help stop a drop such as a hui of Maori Land Owners or a challenge to the false information being circulated as facts.

This is a costly process but a lot of people giving a little will achieve a lot.

All funds will be held in a separate bank account in trust with a three person approval process for payout. Those three trustees are Alan Simmons, Tracy Livingston and Sue Grey.

We thank you for your support.

Alan Simmons' involvement

I am coordinating a fund raising program to challenge in court the continued use of aerial 1080 on public or private land.

Use of funds

The funds will be used solely to bring these actions in court and should any be left over we will distribute that to programmes that enhance our birds or wildlife in New Zealand.

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Changes to Legal Challange Funds  17 June 2019

Hi All,

Due to the number of very generous donations we have decided to set up a separate bank account for holding the funds in trust and a three person approval process for payouts. Those persons are Alan Simmons, Tracy Livingston and Sue Grey.

We hope this will provide good transparency and enable us to have an ongoing fund well into the future.

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    stick it to em',


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    STOP 1080 before it's too late.


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    Ban 1080 poison.


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$11,374 donated

Given by 223 generous donors in 5 weeks

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