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Since Nov 2015, I have shed over 100kg. I've been maintaining my new healthy lifestyle for over 3 years and this is my next step!

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In November 2015, I decided I had to save my own life.

I had been a big girl for as long as I could remember and my weight had gotten to the stage where I wanted to make radical changes but I had so much to lose to get to a point where eating less and moving more was something I could do every single day. I had a gastric bypass.

In the last three years, I have lost 105kg. And I have maintained not only my new weight but my new healthy and active lifestyle. I eat nutritious and delicious foods and I share my love of cooking and meal planning and preparation with the weight loss surgery community.

I also workout regularly - usually every day! I lift weights, walk as much as possible and participate in High-Intensity Interval Training. But this is where it gets difficult.

Most of my loose skin sits around my thighs and my bottom. When I run or jump, I am in pain.

The skin moves up and down and great workout tights definitely help but I have the opportunity to have it removed once and for all.

The surgery will simply give me the opportunity to continue my healthy lifestyle - just pain-free!

All - or any - of the money I can raise will go towards my surgery costs ...

Thigh lift (including all hospital and accommodation) $12,500.00

Travel costs $2000.00

Usually, I use Givealittle to raise money for other people so it feels strange writing about myself but I would like to say yes to this opportunity and book it in as soon as possible. So if you don't ask you don't get right?

Use of funds:

All money will go towards my surgery and travel.

Anything that is left over will be donated to New Zealand Animal Rescue organisations.

Page created by:

Tara Sutherland


Dog Mom, PawTrait Taker, Recipe Maker, F45 Fiend.

Lives in an actual Zoo. Fuelled by sunshine and caffeine ... & a secret stash of M&M's.⠀

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Tara Sutherland.
“Always happy to help out a teamie.”
“Always support 100% of everything you do .. except you moving - would never support that shit xx”
“Good luck my friend ❤️”
“You're awesome. That is all. X”
“All the best sis - gonna be an amazing journey!!”
“All the best Tara - you have worked hard for this.”
“You’re such an inspiration and cannot wait for this next chapter of your life.”
“You’re amazing xxx”
“You're a super hero, honest, brave and committed! Thank you for sharing your journey which continues to inspire me.”
“Another part of your journey you have worked so hard 💕 your an inspiration to us all.”
  • $2,758.00 donated
  • 50 generous donors

$2,758 donated


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