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Let the needle sing in her hands again!

  • Thank you for helping Julia and her family!

      8 December 2022
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    Dear Friends!

    I am so happy to share that with your help, Julia and her sister Tetiana have restarted their dressmaking business in Germany! They got the equipment they needed, re-activated their Etsy page, and have already completed a few orders. I attach a few photos from their new workshop. If you ever need a dancing gown - you know where to order ;)

    EleganceTSDance -

    The future looks much brighter for them now. They are forever grateful to each and everyone of you - YOU made it happen!

    Thank you again for the kindness in your hearts!


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  • Thank you for your kindness!

      21 July 2022

    Dear friends!

    Thanks to your generosity, we are able to transfer $8,000 to Julia and her family! This is a great result! This money will hopefully give them a solid opportunity to re-start their business and settle into a new life. Julia is deeply touched by your kindness and is very grateful for your support. Once again, we thank each and everyone of you - we couldn’t do this without YOU! 🙏❤️

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