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Community Composting Service - Let’s do this Raglan! - Updates - Givealittle

  • Behind the scenes of our Compost Collection Crowdfund     24 July 2019
    Posted by: Xtreme Zero Waste Incorporated
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    Thank you so much for your generosity and support for Raglan’s food waste service. Every dollar is gratefully received and will be used to continue this essential community composting service.

    Whaingaroa's food waste Collection is diverting tons from landfill, creating powerful compost, and reducing emissions. Our local council decided to no longer fund this initiative, but it's too important to lose so WE are trying to fund it ourselves with our community.

    To help tell the story, we've been filming a crowdfunding video with some friends in Whaingaroa. In this sneak-peek behind the scenes of the making of our crowdfunding video... Cheryl talks with Liz, Aaron, June & Trevor.

    You can see the final crowdfunding video here:

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  • Raglan's miracle journey to waste reduction     18 July 2019
    Posted by: Xtreme Zero Waste Incorporated

    Re: News tells the story about how our founders re-mortgaged their homes in order to take over Whaingaroa's waste management system. Their goal? Make Raglan New Zealand's first zero-waste town. Through recycling, upcycling and composting, Xtreme Zero Waste has helped Raglan to reduce our community landfill waste by almost 80%.

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