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Let’s get Courtenay Place Colin’s Busking Equipment back

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Let’s raise enough money to get Colin new busking equipment!

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Colin busks frequently on Courtenay Place, and someone stole his equipment. As a city, we can raise enough money to get Colin new equipment!

Vic Deals' involvement (page creator)

Everyone has seen Colin busking along Courtenay Place!

Use of funds

The money will be spent on a new microphone and amp for Colin. All extra funds will go directly to Colin, which he will likely spend on a charity he already raises money for with his busking.

Latest update

Thank you!  13 September 2019

Posted by: Vic Deals

Hi all,

An update for you! You will see in the video attached, the funds raised bought Colin new gear! Yay! Thank you all so much, every little bit counts.

Due to the way Givealittle works, I used money from my own account so that he didn't go without his equipment for more than a couple of days.

I am writing to notify you that the funds will be deposited in to my account (Mel Prinsep) as I am the individual behind this page, as you might be aware.

Thank you again for turning around his situation!!

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  • Gabrielle

    Gabrielle on 26 Aug 2019


    Breaks my heart such a sweet old man being robbed :(


  • Jackson

    Jackson on 26 Aug 2019



  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 26 Aug 2019



  • Maylin

    Maylin on 26 Aug 2019


    Thank you


  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 26 Aug 2019



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Paying to a verified bank account of Mel Prinsep on behalf of Colin Martien

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$1,158 donated

Given by 76 generous donors in 3 days

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