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Please support Penny with the cost and expenses in her fight with kidney cancer and help her stay as well as she can for as long as she can.

Hawke's Bay

Penny is a top level equestrian, representing NZ in dressage and is an Equestrian NZ High Performance Manager. She is also highly sought after as a trainer for riders of all levels throughout NZ. She has been and continues to be, a loved friend and mentor to hundreds of riders and is responsible for countless numbers achieving their competitive goals. Now it's our chance to help her.

Last year Penny and her husband lost their house and almost everything else in Cyclone Gabrielle. Then in March this year she was diagnosed with advanced kidney cancer which left her very few options. There are no funded treatments for advanced kidney cancer in NZ and just one unfunded treatment which is Immunotherapy using Keytruda. Unfortunately, even Keytruda is unlikely to be effective on its own meaning she will still need to access additional therapies.

Since her diagnosis, Penny's worked hard to research and understand her cancer. So with no options available in the NZ healthcare system apart from Keytruda, her only other choices are alternative treatments such as Electrotherapy, or treatments overseas both of which require funding. In particular there are some possible Targeted Therapies and a promising pioneering Radiotherapy treatment available in Australia which she may be eligible for.

Please help support Penny with the costs and expenses of the difficult journey ahead so she can explore every option. Penny is an important part of so many people's lives and we want to keep it that way.

Jo Collins' involvement (page creator)

Penny and I have been close friends for over 35 years.

Use of funds

Funds raised will be used to assist with covering the costs of treatments, medications (Keytruda), and associated travel and expenses both in NZ and overseas.

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Latest update

Update on Diagnosis & Treatment  14 May 2024

Penny wants to thank everyone from the bottom of her heart for the generous donations and the very many messages of love and support she’s received. She is so grateful and is overwhelmed by the kind and caring response.

Penny's cancer has taken time to be specifically identified and while tests were ongoing she has undergone two sessions at a clinic in Auckland to boost her immune system and general wellbeing to give her the best chance of benefitting from a conventional treatment if it became an option.

Now her cancer has finally been identified as Rare Variant Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma which has spread to her lungs. Travelling overseas is ruled out for the time being, and there is still no funded treatment available in NZ. However, this definitive diagnosis means there is a treatment option available, but it is unfunded. It is a combination of Immunotherapy (including Keytruda), which is given every three weeks, supported by TKI Targeted Therapy drugs to be taken daily. She has elected to begin treatment this week.

This combination therapy has been shown to have significant success in reducing tumour sizes and growth in patients with similar cancers to Penny’s and we are all so hopeful it will prove to be the same for her. It is prescribed as a 12 month course of treatment.

Once again Penny, her family and close friends, thank everyone for their continued support as she begins this long course of treatment. We will keep you updated on her progress and wellbeing.

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Linda 20 hours ago
Thinking of you and your family Penny
Keryn 1 day ago
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Guest Donor 2 days ago
For Penny with love ❤️
Dinah on 21 May 2024
Sending strength, love and hugs x
Kristina on 20 May 2024
You got this!!

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