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Let's help Millie!

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Millie has been diagnosed with tongue cancer and is going for surgery. She is unable to work so these donations are our way to help.

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Our good friend Millie has been diagnosed with tongue cancer which were first though to be ulcers. Millie was very vigilant and after a few visits was referred for a biopsy. Luckily the doctors caught it early and is approx 3.5cm in length. Surgeons believe it is curable and with surgery and potentially radiation she will have a full recovery.

Millie is to go in for surgery on the 15th of October to have part of her tongue removed along with her lymph nodes. At this stage it will be decided whether she needs radiation or not.

Any financial assistance we can gather will help cover bills and rent whilst she is off work which could be around 3 months depending on recovery time.

With these donations we can help Millie and Ben from getting into debt in this already stressful time.

Any help is much appreciated.

Stuart Henley-Minchington's involvement (page creator)

Ben and Millie are a couple of my best friends. I am creating this Givealittle to help them through this tough time.

Use of funds

With these donations we can help Millie and Ben from getting into debt in this already stressful time.

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Ben and Millie have met with her surgeon today to go through a treatment plan. Unfortunately her cancer is aggressive (stage two). The radiologists decided because Millie is so young and the side effects are to severe that she cannot move forward with radiation. They will revisit this in the future.

Millie will go back for surgery in around three weeks to have around 40% of her tongue removed to eliminate any cancer cells left. Her tongue will be reconstructed from tissue and vessels from her arm and thigh. They will cut open the same area they removed her 15 lymph nodes from which will allow them to connect the vessels from her new tongue to her neck so it will stay alive. Millie will have a temporary tracheotomy so she can breathe, a feeding tube as she wont be able to breathe or eat and will likely be in ICU till she is transferred to an ENT ward.

Millies recovery will be up to a year and she will need to learn to speak again.

All donations will continue to go towards bills, rent, and every day needs as Millie will not be able to work at all.

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  • Maddie

    Maddie on 27 Nov 2019


    I used to work at Ballantynes with you Millie but I was too shy/awkward to talk to you!! I've seen your story shared on Facebook and I can't believe how indiscriminate cancer is, nobody deserves what you're going through Millie! All the best for your upcoming surgery and recovery


  • Denise

    Denise on 26 Nov 2019


    Whenever we can xx


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$6,838 donated

Given by 135 generous donors in 8 weeks

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