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Let's kick Zazi's MS to the curb!

  • Final update

      23 May 2023
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    We apologise for the delay in updating everyone!

    Zazi has spent the last few months recuperating, working hard to get strong, eating and exercising well and doing all the right things.

    There is no denying this was an extraordinarily tough journey for her (and all of us).. but.. today...

    We received the all clear from her neurologist!

    While the scarring she received prior to treatment will always be there affecting some of her functionality, a full MRI last week has disclosed no new outbreaks - effectively putting her MS into remission. She has an MRI and check in 12 months but he has essentially told her to get on with life and the next check up is likely to be the last.

    This is such great, overwhelming news. We are still processing. But I felt we needed to let you all know as soon as we did as you have been instrumental in making this happen.

    Bless you all - thank you all - we are so grateful for every single one of you.

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  • Done.

      15 January 2023
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    Zazi had her final appointment with Dr G yesterday and he has signed her off! So we can start thinking about coming home. By no means all done yet as Zazi’s embryonic immune system will need a great deal of care for the next three - twelve months. Please know as much as she would love to catch up with you all in person, it will be risky for a while so she will need to maintain her distance and we are essentially shifting her isolation from Delhi to Auckland. We are so grateful for your support through every avenue - thank you simply cannot express how we all feel. Zazi faced a lot of challenges with huge grace, bravery and as much humour as she could. Her mother shed many tears but we are almost home.

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  • The sun came out today

      23 December 2022
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    The projectile vomiting and crushing headaches have taken a break today.

    Look at that smile!

    Sending love and appreciation to you all from Delhi.

    Merry Christmas x

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  • It’s happening.

      15 December 2022
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    Zazi had her first dose of chemo last night after a week or more of testing and stem cell retrieval. We are focussing on the desired result now to pull us through the next few days.

    She feels so surrounded by love - thank you all.

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    • 15/12/2022 by Lucia

      Prayers of comfort & courage for the family.

  • Locked in

      28 November 2022
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    The wonderful team at Remuera Surgical Clinic threw a glittering fundraising ball for Zazi on Friday night. Music, food, dancing and a charity auction. So many people to thank - you gave us your time, your energy, you travelled to join us, and you all supported us. We hold you in our hearts.

    Zazi made the decision to shave her head on the night before chemo did it for her. She was very attached to her hair… but no longer.

    We leave for Delhi in one week from today.

    The hard yards for Zazi still lie ahead. But she can do it.

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  • It’s happening!

      20 November 2022

    Flights are booked, the hospital and specialist in India are waiting. And it’s all down to you.

    We thank you.

    And here’s a word from the girl herself (and the lovely Thomson).

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  • Ticking more things off.

      20 October 2022

    The chemo part of the stem cell therapy is likely to affect Zazi’s fertility so it was recommended she have her eggs frozen. The wonderful folk at Fertility Associates have watched over her so carefully - and yesterday, well…. She can tell you herself in the attached video..

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  • Tickets have been released

      2 September 2022
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    Available now on Eventbrite

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  • Save the Date

      30 August 2022
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    Zazi's wonderful workmates have been instrumental in pulling this together. Thank you Remuera Surgical Clinic! More information to follow...

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  • Who knew?

      19 August 2022
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    There is such a lot to work through. Zazi's specialist in India has received all her medical paperwork this week. The huge effort she has put in to her balance, strength and mobility; punishing workouts at the gym, yoga and delicious (!) green smoothies has paid off - he deems her an ideal candidate for the treatment. Unfortunately, the chemotherapy she will be receiving is quite an aggressive one, so she is also undergoing egg harvesting with the wonderful Fertility Associates. Her neuro condition makes this slightly less straightforward than usual but they are confident there will be a good outcome. Once I start a thank you list it will be impossible to stop, so suffice to say, you know who you are, you know what you have done for us and continue to do every day - whether it's sitting with her through an infusion, picking up takeaway because we are all exhausted, organising a picnic in the park before another treatment, dispensing hugs, sending messages.. we appreciate it all. #gettingcloser

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  • 2nd Anniversary

      8 August 2022
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    This week marks the 2nd anniversary of Zazi's diagnosis - bitter sweet in some ways. Bitter to discover it was indeed MS, sweet to finally have some clarity around why she was feeling as awful as she had been for several years. Two years for her to work through the grieving process, accept she had a lifelong condition, and try to come to terms with a new normal. Now it's time for another new normal - and the prospect of permanent remission. We are excited! This update is to acknowledge you all, thank you all, and send appreciation to the HUGE army who has been there from the start, those who have joined along the way and indeed those of you who have supported us while remaining totally anonymous. We don't have any words - but we are feeling the love. We are practically half way to our goal - and this is incredible. Thank you x I especially want to thank her brother, Karim. You are our rock; always there, always supportive, always loving, always solid - providing food, hugs, red wine and the occasional pep talk when the women in his life are being dramatic. We love you.

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  • We are overwhelmed.. thank you all

      30 July 2022

    The decision to let everyone know about Zazi’s MS was not an easy one for her… she is a staunch Couling after all! We have an incredible army and the messages of love and support have been simply pouring in. This is to let you all know how moved, and emotional, we are by your messages - we will do our best to respond to you as soon as we can. We love you.

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