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Let’s replace Pride’s corporate funding with community pūtea - Updates - Givealittle

  • You did it! Auckland Pride march was beautiful 🌈🌈🌈     12 February 2019
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    Kia ora e te whānau,

    I just received this message from Cissy Rock, the Chair of the Auckland Pride Board, to pass on to all of you who generously supported our Givealittle campaign for a truly people powered Pride:


    The Auckland Pride Board would like to acknowledge and thank you all. The financial support and solidarity you have showed us enabled the delivery of a grassroots, community-driven Auckland Pride Festival.

    An absolute highlight was #ourmarch which without you could not have happened. Feelings of joy and togetherness ran high with over 3,000 people marching from Albert Park to Myers Park in Auckland City.

    Thank you for being part of this.


    For more on the march check out the news stories and videos below:






    With aroha,

    Laura on behalf of the team who put the Givealittle together.

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  • We did it! 💖💖💖     11 December 2018

    Kia ora e te whānau,

    As you have probably all heard by now, Auckland Pride members voted to keep the Board and uphold the ban on police uniforms by 325 votes to 273.

    That means that 100% of your donation (minus Givealittle fees) will go to the Auckland Pride Festival Inc to make the Auckland Pride Parade 2019 the best and most inclusive one yet!

    Currently, we are sitting on $27,372.32 with two more days to go until our Givealittle finishes. We would love to push that up to a lovely round $30,000 and we're hoping you will help us to get there.

    Please will you share this fundraiser one more time with friends and whānau or, if you can, will you match your original donation?

    To give you an idea of how close we are to this goal, if every single person who donated gives just $5 more we'll reach our target!

    At the heart of this kaupapa (cause) this has been a conversation about power - who has it and who doesn't. It was corporate power with the sponsors pulling out when the going got tough and state power when the police refused to engage if they couldn't wear uniforms. Our crowdfunding campaign has been about returning some of that power back to the people.

    We're so excited to see what a community and people powered Pride looks like in 2019. Thank you so much for helping to make that happen.

    With aroha,

    The Coalition for a truly inclusive Pride.

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  • REMINDER: Get your votes in for the Auckland Pride SGM     5 December 2018

    Kia ora e te whānau,

    Just a quick update to remind you about the Auckland Pride Special General Meeting being held tomorrow night. This meeting is where members of Auckland Pride will vote to decide if the current Board stays or goes. If you are a member of Auckland Pride, we encourage you to please vote for the current Board to stay.

    If you are not a member of Auckland Pride, we’d love it if you could share our Givealittle page one more time with friends and whānau to give this crowdfunding effort one big push before the meeting.

    Click here to share on Facebook:

    Click here to share on Twitter:


    Date: Thursday 6 December 2018

    Time: 6 – 8pm

    Venue: Pitt Street Methodist Church, 78 Pitt St, Newton

    Doors open from 4:30pm. The Board are expecting a large turn out and early arrival is encouraged.

    Proxy votes will be accepted. Proxy votes are when you nominate someone who will be at the meeting to vote on your behalf. People attending the meeting can hold more than one proxy vote at a time.


    1. Find someone going to the meeting who you trust to vote on your behalf (get in touch if you don't know anyone)

    2. Click here to download the proxy form:

    3. Fill it in. Make sure you use the name and email associated with your Pride membership and the membership of your nominated proxy voter

    4. Send the complete form to the Pride Board before 6pm on 6 December 2018 via email using this address: and cc the person you are giving your proxy vote

    5. Done!


    What motions are being voted on?

    The only remit that can be addressed at the upcoming SGM is the motion received in the initial notice advertised within our membership, calling for a “vote of no confidence in the Board”.

    In accordance with our constitution, no further business can be brought to this Special Meeting.

    How many members need to be present?

    Under the constitution, a quorum (this is the legal number of members to make the meeting valid) for the SGM is 25% of the total membership. Members are required to be physically present at the SGM to make up the quorum. Proxy votes do not count towards the quorum.

    What happens is if there is no quorum?

    If there is no quorum, the constitution provides that after 30 minutes the meeting will be adjourned. No vote will be taken.

    Who will chair the meeting?

    Constitutionally, the Chair of Auckland Pride must lead the meeting. However due to the conflict of interest with the tabled remit, our Chair will start the meeting by suggesting that an independent chairperson be appointed to chair the meeting, and this proposal will be put to a vote. It is our proposal that this independent chairperson be Mark von Dadelszen, of Bannister and von Dadelszen (Hastings). Mark is a specialist in Societies and charitable trusts (and is the author of “Law of Societies in New Zealand” and of “Members’ Meetings”), as well as being a highly regarded mediator and arbitrator, and professional chair of meetings.

    Will there be a chance to discuss the motion of no confidence?

    Yes, there will be time to hear from different voices in the room, however a high standard of behaviour is expected at all times. This is a formal meeting, as opposed to a community hui, and therefore will be run as such.

    Who are the returning officers/scrutineers?

    A volunteer crew of non-Auckland Pride members will staff the registration desk and four people will be identified to the members as the scrutineers.

    How many votes is needed to pass the vote?

    There needs to be a majority vote.

    What happens if a vote of no confidence isn’t passed?

    The Board will take that as a mandate to carry on organising the Parade and Festival for 2019. The Board will then follow a process to appoint new members, replacing those that have resigned. A further community hui will be called, for all members to share ideas about the way forward.

    What happens if a vote of no confidence is passed?

    While there is no procedure set down in the constitution that addresses this scenario, the current Board will see a vote of no confidence as an indication of a lack of mandate to govern. In that event, the board will promptly call another Special General Meeting to elect a new board.

    Will media be allowed?

    Unless the meeting decides otherwise, media will be allowed to be present, however they will need to clearly identify themselves and be seated apart from the formal meeting.

    Will photography/video or audio recording/live broadcasting be allowed?

    To ensure the safety of our membership, no photography/video or audio recording/live broadcasting will be allowed, unless the meeting decides otherwise.

    Are non-members allowed to attend?

    Unless the meeting decides otherwise, non-Auckland Pride members may attend, but may be asked to sit apart from the formal meeting, and they will not be permitted to participate in the meeting in any way.

    We will be in touch again after the SGM with the survey and next steps.

    With love and in solidarity,

    The Coalition for a truly inclusive Pride

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  • People powered Pride ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿     28 November 2018

    Kia ora e te whānau,

    Thank you so much for donating to make Auckland Pride 2019 the best pride ever.

    An incredible 500 donations have been made totalling $22,500.41 and our people-powered story has been covered by RNZ, Newshub, Stuff, TVNZ and MSN!

    Ngā mihi ki a koutou (thank you everyone).

    On Thursday 6 December, Auckland Pride members and the Board will hold a Special General Meeting (SGM) to vote on whether or not the current Board stays or goes. If the current Board stays and their decision on police uniforms is upheld, funds will be gifted to the Auckland Pride Festival Inc to run the Pride parade in 2019.

    If the current Board are voted out and their decision is overturned, we will divvy the funds up between a range of charities and organisations who work for rainbow and takatāpui people and/or help build an Aotearoa where all the people in the rainbow feel safe and loved. The exact charities and organisations will be decided by you via survey. You will have the opportunity to choose from a range of options including e.g. RainbowYOUTH, OUTline, InsideOUT, PAPA, Gender Minorities Aotearoa, Breaking Boundaries. You will also have the option to nominate other organisations.

    We’ve had a couple suggestions that if the Board are forced to leave some or all of the funds could be used to run an alternative Pride event. This option will be included in the survey. As a coalition, we're still working out the most equitable and fair way to design the survey and voting process, but if you have any suggestions please feel free to send them through on the Q+A or comments.


    Besides donating, another action you could take to show your support for a Pride that makes all members of the rainbow feel safe, welcome and loved is to write to, or call, the businesses that pulled their support instead of making space for important kōrero (discussion) to be held within rainbow communities. We’re unlikely to change their minds, but it could help them improve their funding and decision making processes in the future. Your action would be especially effective if you are a customer. Here are the details:

    Rainbow Charitable Trust:

    Vodafone New Zealand:




    Fletcher Building:



    NZ Defence Force:

    Our Givealittle campaign runs until December 13 so please keep sharing it with your friends and whānau until then! We will send an update with next steps shortly after the SGM.

    Lastly, here are a couple of great articles and podcasts that help give a bit more context and clarity to what has been happening over the past couple weeks. Please feel free to read, listen and share.

    The Price of Pride - David Cormack

    Pride Toronto Has Lessons For Auckland Pride

    Pride and Police - Joel Walsham

    The Pride Parade issue is about racism too - Emilie Rākete

    Open Letter to Wellington Pride Parade

    Thank you so much once again for all of your generosity and support. It means the world.

    With love,

    The Coalition for a truly inclusive Pride

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  • You're incredible, thank you 🌈     24 November 2018

    Kia ora e te whānau,

    Firstly, we want to say thank you. Thank you for breathing life into the kaupapa of a truly inclusive Auckland Pride parade by contributing your pūtea. It means so, so much to so many of us.

    Together we have already raised more than $8,000 in less than 24 hours.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Secondly, we wanted to give you an update on how we plan to divvy up the funds if the current Auckland Board are voted out at the upcoming SGM. The plan is to send a survey to all of the people who have donated to this kaupapa (that's you) with a range of organisations who support rainbow and takatāpui people to live their best lives and you can decide. As a coalition, we are committed to being of, by and for the people. That is how we build a better Pride, country and world together.

    Lastly, we want to share with you a couple of positive media stories that highlight our crowdfunding efforts as well as some support for our cause from The Vixen of RuPaul's Drag Race fame. After the week we've all had, we could all do with some good news:

    With aroha, hope and determination,

    The coalition for a truly inclusive Pride.

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