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Let's show visitors that New Zealand is better than this

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Let's show these young visitors that New Zealand is better than this and help them replace their stolen items.

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This page is to raise money for Greta and Theo who arrived in New Zealand on the 2nd of January and four days later had everything stolen from their car. They’re 18 and 19 respectively and this is their first trip so far away from home. We hope this covers their losses and will show them that New Zealanders are decent people and their experience is not typical. Thank you.

Abby Ross' involvement (page creator)

Acquaintance. Found out about their plight from a friend and wanted to help.

Use of funds

Any money raised will be given to Greta and Theo to replace their stolen items. We hope to reach our goal and will stop fundraising when we do. Any surplus will be donated to the Australian bushfires

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Thank you   8 January 2020

Posted by: Abby Ross

Thank you all so very much for your kind words and donations. We've spoken to Greta and Theo and they're overjoyed with New Zealander's response. Once we've worked through the detail of receiving the money as early as possible we'll work with Greta and Theo to find an amount that covers their costs and the remainder will go to an appropriate charity dealing with the Australian bushfire victims. Thank you again.

From Greta and Theo: "We lost a lot of hope and now we are just amazed by the kindness and gratefulness of the New Zealanders. We are in love with this spirit and cannot thank all of the people enough!"

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Latest donations

Catherine on 08 Jan 2020
Dear Greta and Theo, So sorry to hear about this! Enjoy your NZ stay anyway, wishing you a great summer!!
Denise on 08 Jan 2020
Sending best wishes for you both to enjoy your time here despite this crime against you. Glad we can help you replace some of your stolen possessions :)
Polisi on 08 Jan 2020
So sorry that your holiday in NZ has started this way. But hopefully you will go on to enjoy the rest of your stay
Linda on 08 Jan 2020
Hope the scumbags who stole your packs don't stop you from enjoying the wonderful things which NZ has to offer. Best wishes for the rest of your trip.
Paula on 08 Jan 2020
Please get a car with a boot/trunk so your valuables are out of sight. Unfortunately there are low life thieves in most countries. I hope you continue your trip and love our beautiful country, take home amazing memories and have fun from now on.

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Created by, and paying to a verified bank account of, Abby Ross on behalf of Greta and Theo

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