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Hi, my names Liam, I’m 19 years old and I’m trans guy from Pōneke, Aotearoa. I really appreciate you checking this out! Here's my story:

I came out as trans around a year ago (August 2020) after years of being in denial and not wanting to accept myself for who I really am. I had a pretty rough coming out coming from a Traditional Christian household, Cutting off a lot of family members and losing some friends...

Not too long after coming out I got on the referral list for Testosterone (as I was over the age of 18 and didn't need parental consent) Unfortunately due to covid I've been delayed drastically to get on hormones.... However I am hopefully expecting to start Testosterone by the end of the year!

Obviously with hopefully starting Testosterone soon my goal now for my transition journey is to get Top Surgery! As I've struggled with Dysphoria before I even knew I was trans, If you know about dysphoria or have dysphoria you know how much it sucks to have... It's something I wouldn't even wish on my worst enemy.

Now you maybe wondering "why don't I save up the money myself" I'm currently in the process of starting up one of my dreams and that's being a Full Time Freelance Photographer! I've been doing photography since December 2019, I've had the pleasure of working with some amazing people and companies in my photography career and wanna pursue what I love. To anyone who has started up a small business, especially in something like Photography you know how stressful it is to get it running smooth and it's definitely not the cheapest thing in the world when it's just you (a.k.a money is tough at the minute to afford Top surgery anytime soon).

Thank you so much to anyone who's made it this far, I hope some of you consider donating, As even a Dollar donation helps me out a lot. If you can't afford to donate but still wanna help feel free to share this around on social media or send it to people who you know!

But Even reading this means a lot! This story has actually taken me 3/4 months to write as I recently got diagnosed with Clinical Depression and have been in a huge depression dip / episode. Which is why it's taken me this long to get this up and running...

Anyway if you wanna see any updates on me and this surgery feel free to follow me on Instagram ! Again Thank you all to everyone who see's this.

Use of funds

My Goal is to raise 25k by my birthday (May 1st 2022), If I don't reach 25k by my birthday I plan on still saving up for it and will accept donations in another way! I will also be going privately as it’s much easier than going public.

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Latest donations

Oscar on 20 Apr 2022
Ryan on 03 Feb 2022
Greg on 28 Dec 2021
Hannah on 28 Dec 2021
Izzy on 11 Dec 2021

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