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I’m the founder-operator of Animal Re-homing Charitable Trust, a busy registered animal rescue/rehab/re-homing charity and shelter. I’ve never taken a wage, although I've worked a 60–70 hour week for 21 years. Registration #CC50451.

Animal rescue is not for the faint hearted. In 2016 a collision with a dog broke my leg. I’ve also suffered broken fingers and smashed toes during my work.

On June 8th this year, another rescued dog knocked me off my feet, causing serious injuries. After years of walking and running 15 to 20 thousand steps a day during my work, I'm now immobilized with pain. It turns out the labrum tissue of my hip has been totally shredded (Grade 4 tears), the cartilage is damaged beyond repair, and in places the bone is grinding on bone, which is excruciating.

Although the hospital has marked my condition urgent, the backlog waiting list is so extensive that my surgery is not possible for twelve months. I’m incapacitated by pain and struggling to run my charity. The pain is so severe I cannot wait any longer.

The only option is to go private, which will cost $25,000. The surgeon agrees that the operation is urgent and has allocated October 12th if the funds can be raised in time. Otherwise, a new date will have to be set.

Please donate towards my surgery if you are able. Thank you so much for your help and compassion.



NOTE: Any excess funds raised will be used to pay our outstanding vet bills.

Use of funds

Specialist surgery and hospital costs. The surgery will cost $25,000. If the funds can be raised in time, the surgery will be on October the 12th. Otherwise, a new date will have to be set and we will continue to fundraise until we have enough for the surgery.

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Greeting Everybody,

We've done it! It was only three weeks ago that I asked for urgent help to pay for surgery that would enable me to continue running my charity of over two decades - Animal Re-homing Charitable Trust.

Donations have flowed in from all directions... from friends, from acquaintances, from charity supporters, from our local and international volunteers, from vegan communities, from complete strangers, from adopters and adoptees, from fellow rescue agencies and colleagues, from overseas destinations, and from the efforts of a hair stylist who created a stand at her work station.

Whether you shared my plea, donated a few dollars or thousands of dollars, please know that you have made a huge difference in my life and in the lives of the current and future waifs under the umbrella of Animal Re-homing.

As I drift into sleep on the operating table at 2.30pm tomorrow, I will be smiling and thinking of the love and support you have all wrapped around me to make this possible. From my heart to yours, thank you my friends. 😌

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Latest donations

Terra Firma Earth Building Co.
Terra Firma Earth Building Co. on 07 Oct 2022
Linda, you've always been someone we as a community could rely on. We wish you a speedy recovery. Regards Paul
Linda Nunn

Thank you for your warm words and your donation. You will be pleased to know my surgery is going ahead tomorrow... thanks to the support of many, many lovely people. ☺

Linda Nunn
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 04 Oct 2022
Linda Nunn

Thank you so much for your donation! 🐶

Linda Nunn
Rodger on 04 Oct 2022
Linda Nunn

Thank you so much Rodger. Your support is much appreciated! 🙏

Linda Nunn
Vicki on 02 Oct 2022
Linda Nunn

Thanks to you and many other kind donors, my surgery will be going ahead this month Vicki. Thank you. 🐕

Linda Nunn
Sarah on 30 Sep 2022
Kia kaha Linda All the very best to you for surgery at the soonest opportunity, and an expedient recovery thereafter. Much aroha Sarah Lockyer
Linda Nunn

Thank you so much for supporting the animals and me Sarah. 🐾

Linda Nunn

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