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Lisa's Life Changing Treatment For MS In Russia

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To get HSCT for MS in Russia.

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My name is Lisa Fisher and I'm endeavoring to raise enough money to go to Russia for HSCT treatment so I can regain my life back from the onset of MS.

I'm about to turn 44, I'm married with a 13 year old son, living in Christchurch.

I was admitted to Christchurch Hospital in October 2016 with paralysis from my chest down on my right side. It was a very scary time for myself and my family with all initial indications that I had had a stroke, then possibly a brain tumor. I was then advised by neurologist i had suffered a Demyelinating Lesion.

For five days I was treated with a course of aggressive steroids, accompanied by numerous tests, scans and lumbar puncture. Several lesions were discovered and i was released from the hospital with a walking stick, leg splint and leg brace to assist with rehabilitation. the only feeling i had down my right side was pins and needles which made walking difficult, followed by excruciating headaches and nausea.

In The Following Months I had physio, hydro and electrode therapy at Burwood Hospital, being the determined person I am physio went well but not as rapid as i would of hoped. Due to the severity of the attack I was advised my recovery would be a long process, if at all.

After the completion of physio I was referred to the local MS Society, with visits from a nurse.

After finding out the details of my symptoms and continuing effects she believed i had relapsing remitting MS with a high possibility of this progressing to secondary progressive MS in the coming years. Six months following the hospital treatment I was back with left side facial numbing. My neurologist said i had relapsed and sent me for a MRI to check for additional lesions or other changes since the last scan. She advised us that treatment options for MS would be discussed once the new scan results were available, however the scan did not reveal any new lesions or changes and was put down as Trigeminal Neuralgia so no treatment or medication was available.

One year on from my attack I have numerous ongoing effects including difficulty with walking, often using a walking stick. I'm plagued with pins and needles , sensory loss, muscle stiffness and spasms, bladder issues, nerve pain, balance problems, dizziness , headaches and worst of all fatigue at all hours of the day. On the outside I look fine (apart from my limp) and have become adepy at putting on a smile and saying "I'm all good". With lack of new lesions, my neurologist is telling me her hands are tied and there is no medication available unless I present again in the future and new lesions are detected.

HSCT Treatment has had huge success globally with Russia offering this treatment for decades with amazing results. The treatment comes at a significant cost in the vicinity of $100,000 NZD, however with this treatment I have a chance at getting my life back with the energy i used to have, Throw away the walking stick and fully embracing my life again with family and friends.

Never would I have thought I would need to reach out in this manner and truly appreciate you taking the time to read my story. I am immensely grateful for any support you can offer my family and I as i embark on the road to recovery.

The funds will be used for HSCT (Hematopoietic Stem Cell Treatment)

Any left over funds will go towards another person who is wanting to have the same treatment

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Sandra Sinclair


Hello I'm Sandra Sinclair and Lisa is my bestfriend together we have developed a strong friendship over the past 9 years, her and her family's unwavering support after the earthquakes which seen my family lose our home my children's schools and my business was truly priceless. I have battled emotionally with how I could even repay her and have been devastated by her diagnosis of ms and am determined to do anything to see her get as well as possible. Please help this beautiful family they truly deserve happiness

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Lisa Fisher


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Lisa Fisher.

  • $28,915.00 donated
  • 193 generous donors

$28,915 donated



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