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Help our little girl Izzy fight an aggressive rare form of cancer

  • MRI results

      18 April 2024
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    Izzy’s just returned home from hospital after another round of chemo and although she is struggling, she’s been given amazing news 🥰 the tumours in her lymph nodes, buttocks and breast are all gone and she’s left with the one in her thigh. The plan at the moment is 3 more cycles of chemo and then we will discuss where we go from here, weather that may be radiation or surgery. The oncologist said we want to do our best to eliminate it first time round but radiation is still a possibility if and when the cancer comes back ♥️. I couldn’t imagine what this journey would look like without the love and support of everyone around us 😊 even the smallest of gestures have meant the most. We still have a long journey ahead but Izzy is so strong and we’re so proud of her ☀️♥️

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    • 19/04/2024 by Heidi

      Too Much Izzy💪👊. So very proud of you💕We miss you heaps!!! Love you Izzy ❤️

  • Isabelle fights so hard to have the good moments

      2 April 2024

    Izzy has been overwhelmed by all the love and support. She appreciates all the kind messages and words of encouragement ♥️.

    Isabelle has an upcoming PET-ct as well as a MRI to let us know if the tumours are responding to all the chemo she’s been having. Its a scary time for our family ♥️ all the love and support has been so lovely 😊 we’re so thankful

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    • 03/04/2024 by Lena

      Such a brave girl, bless her and your family. (From Mr Duffin's sister).