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Love Soup - Help From Home 4

  • The AM Show with Julie King

      16 August 2021
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    Thank you The AM Show for the opportunity to share about Love Soup, we are so happy with the donations coming in Thank you everyone for amazing support we are so Thankful

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  • Working with one of our main sponsors

      13 August 2021

    Yesterday our Truck was packed full to the brim

    with many thanks to Qantas that have been donating to us since 2020

    we made a little thank you video

    goods donated are shared with organisations we work with in the North Island Your generosity is helping us to rescue more food and help more people Thank you for supporting us

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  • AN insight to one of our Team Members

      12 August 2021

    Meet Tokowha, He helps to run our Warehouse, with your help we are able to get supplies we have needed to make work more organised and abundant in our Pick up and deliveries

    Thank you to all that have helped and shared we truly appreciate your support <3

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  • Visit to our Hub in Rosedale

      11 August 2021

    Exciting News! We have secured $1000 match funding which means that every donation is doubled... $20 becomes $40 as if by magic✨!

    Thank you everyone thats been involved helping to support by sharing our Campaign and / or donating you are all superstars in our eyes

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  • Our first Crowdfunding campaign

      4 August 2021

    It's been awesome working with the team a great support, thank you everyone that's donated we will post an update each day through the campaign, the knowledge learned on this journey has been valuable

    Today we are celebrating the life of a treasured team member

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  • Looking forward to our First Crowdfunding Fundraiser

      23 July 2021
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    Please tune in August 3rd 7pm for our Live Update

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