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♥️ Steve and Michelle need our help!! ♥️

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Michelle is struggling right now as it’s quite a strain financially and any help would be gratefully received thank you xo

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You'd be hard pressed to meet a more genuine couple than Steve and Michelle. They would literally give you the clothes off their backs if they could. They would drop anything to help someone else.

But unfortunately the time now comes for US to help THEM out!. And you know the best part about this- it has taken so much persuasion for me to get them to allow for me to do this for this remarkable and humble couple as they just struggle so much to accept the kindness of strangers- something we all come across when death looks us in the face and a lot of our inhibitions die. Desperate times call for desperate measures and until you have walked in the shoes of a couple like these two and dealt with the utter crap the universe has thrown at them for more than a decade, its hard to know what its like.

Here goes- I'm going to try to share their story in the words of my dear friend Michelle.....

For more than 12 years Steve has been sick. He went to a Dr with a pain in his groin. Unfortunately due to an incompetent doctor, he went undiagnosed for 8 weeks. By the time we got to hospital, he was rushed straight into surgery and the surgeons said had he gone any longer he would have died.

Unfortunately during that time, it migrated up into his bowel and became whats known as a 'Horseshoe Abscess'. To top it off, he had part of a medical instrument inside him and we don't know how much damage that did in the time it was inside him. Fistulas, sepsis, extreme pain and many other medical interventions have been his constant companion.

His mental health has taken a battling as you can imagine- yet he has remained positive, happy and never once complained.

Middlemore and then North Shore became his second home. Going in for surgeries approx every 2nd or 3rd week and resulting in literally hundreds and hundreds of operations.

About 3 years ago he received a colostomy bag in an effort to save his life. Last week we were told by his specialist team, that they were at the end of what they could do medically to save his bowel and digestive system. So last week he went in for a 10 HOUR Operation to remove everything below his colostomy bag. We've been told he'll be in hospital between 10 weeks and 3 months and then he comes home where a hospital bed will be set up in our lounge room.

linda riches' involvement

Michelle and I have been friends 20 plus years after meeting through work in Auckland and are so blessed that fate has reconnected us again recently. I have been through a life changing experience of late and Michelle has been there 100% for me and now its my turn to pay it forward and help her and Steve out at this horrific time in their lives xo

Use of funds

Any funds raised will go towards petrol costs, parking at the hospital, general living costs and the hire costs of home care items that we cant be without. Any $ left would aid in fixing our car which has broken down

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    Good luck from a 30+ member x


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    best wishes for you and steve dariing, sorry i cant donate more, thinking of you both xxxx


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$875 donated

Given by 23 generous donors in 11 days

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