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Luke and Josephine Nyssen

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Sister's husband has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

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*UPDATE from Josephine and Luke 13/12/18*

Dear all, With this page finishing in a few days we want to send you all a big thank you for all the support you have given us and to let you know that we are now looking forward to spending one last Christmas with Luke. A few weeks ago it did not seem likely that he would make it to Christmas, but he is in good spirits with plenty of medication keeping him mobile for now. While he is not able to eat much he continues to lose weight and tires easily but he is still enjoying quality time with the family. A lot of the work around the house has been completed with only a few jobs left on the list. So thank you all again for the generous support and we wish you all a happy and holy Christmas. We keep you all in our prayers. Luke and Josephine Nyssen

*UPDATE from Josephine and Luke 05/10/2018*

The biopsy results of the large mass attached to the pancreas shows a rare form of cancer which the doctors and specialist say cannot be cured. We are very sad to have to deliver this bad news to you all, but we wish to thank you all very much for your prayers, help and generous support. We would not be able to cope without your kindness. We continue to rely on the help of family, friends and well-wishers throughout the difficult time ahead. Thanks again and God bless you all.

*UPDATE 25/09/2018*

Josephine and Luke would like to thank everyone for their generous support since receiving Luke's diagnosis. The support they have received has come in many forms, including prayers and good wishes via emails, phone calls and visits, donations (including anonymous - which have been gratefully received but make personal thanking harder - so please know that it is very much appreciated). All of the above has helped lift their spirits at such a hard and difficult time.

On the 14th September, Luke was told that he had possibly 3-6 months to live and he was decisively sent home to die and was referred to Hospice for care. So, naturally, Luke was shocked to be called back into the hospital for further testing/biopsies today and the results of which will be known next week, along with a visit with an oncology specialist. As you can imagine, this so far has proven to be a rollercoaster of emotions for them. So please continue to keep praying whilst they await these results, hoping for a miracle that it may be treatable.

We will update next week when these come to light.


Luke and Josephine married in October 1998. Since then they have had 9 children: Elise, Ursula, Natalie, Bridget, Maria, Amy, Evelyn, Leanne, and Peter. Peter, their much-anticipated son, was born in March this year (2018).

On Friday, 14th September 2018, Luke was diagnosed with terminal and advanced pancreatic cancer with secondary cancers in the liver and lungs.

I, Josephine's sister, have set up this givealittle page to fundraise money to go towards the ongoing costs involved. Josephine and Luke are part way through renovations on their house. Money raised will go towards costs involved in finishing renovations and funeral-associated costs. Please help me to help them through this terrible time.

Use of Funds:

To cover costs of ongoing renovations and funeral costs.

Page created by:

Christina Belton

Manawatu / Whanganui

I am the sister/sister in law

All funds raised benefit:

Luke and Josephine Nyssen

Manawatu / Whanganui

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Luke and Josephine Nyssen.

  • $16,412.00 donated
  • 115 generous donors

$16,412 donated

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