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McDowell & Parkinsons (Macchu Pichu)

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Andy McDowell (51) is walking the Inca Trail to raise awareness & funds for research into neurological conditions. Help him get there.

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Health Education Awareness Research

On July 24th 2017 The Ambassador Project will ascend to Macchu Pichu, gathering Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Advocates from around the world to raise awareness and funds for various local charities.

I have been asked to join the team and it is my intention to fly to Peru in July.

I require $12,385 to adequately prepare and get to Peru. Once I have raised that amount every subsequent dollar will be donated to the Neurological Foundation of New Zealand. (Target $10,000)

For clarity I am raising funds to get there first and the Neurological Foundation will receive every $ banked over that amount.

Day 1 is an 11 km trek at 3,000 m above sea level

Day 2 is a 12 km climb up to 4,200 m (the highest point)*

Day 3 is a 16 km trek, and

Day 4 a 6 km hike.

I have begun my physical conditioning, and am working out what i need to do to get there and get up and down in one piece.

If you can help in anyway I'm very grateful.

* As a comparison NZ's own Mt Aoraki (Cook) stands 3,725 metres (12,220 feet)

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Andy McDowell


I'm involved because I was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson's in 2009 (aged 44) and can no longer work in my professional field due to the affect PD has had on me. In 2014 I underwent neurosugery - a procedure called Deep Brain Stimulation. Despite the visible improvement in my motor symptoms Parkinson's is an (as yet ) incurable, degenerative, neurological disorder and I am still in it's grip. I am a homedad to my two girls - whilst my wife works.

I have turned my hand to raising awareness and raising funds, making short films, blogging, public speaking in NZ, Australia and the USA. I have worked with Parkinson's New Zealand, The Neurological Foundation of NZ, The Brian Grant Foundation, YOPD and the World Parkinson's Coalition. Recently I presented at a Plenary session at the World Parkinson's Congress in Portland, USA.

For this project I am raising funds for The Neurological Foundation of New Zealand. I have chosen them because they invest solely in brain research - the key to a future cure.

I also require funds to ; prepare my body (pilates, physio, physical trainers); to have the right equipment ( packs, boots poles etc) ; to get there (flights and accomodation - incl 4 days to acclimate) and for the Guide Company (tents, food, sherpa etc)

This is an extremely hard task for someone with PD and I admit to feeling very intimidated by the challenge.

I can currently walk up to 10 km at sea level. But it "wipes me out" and my balance is not the best.

The trail up to Macchu Pichu involves 45 km's over 4 days at a very high altitude. The highest point is 4,200 metres. (13,780 feet) *


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Andy McDowell.
“Andy, wishing you all the best, for an amazing experience. With my love, Karen”
“What a great challenge and hope it is a really successful and enjoyable trip”
“What a great challenge Proud of you Go well Clats”
“Mac, I'll try to get along on the 29th. What a great experience it will be. Cheers Greenie.”
“Best of luck Andy x”
“Another small step. Hope the training is going well.”
“Good luck with the fundraising, the trip and the mission Andy. You are an inspiration.”
“Very inspiring Andy - old quote ... but for the grace of god go I.... go well...”
“Go Andy!!, You can do it!!!!”
“All the best Andy. Love your work.”
  • $10,500.00 donated
  • 36 generous donors

$10,500 donated


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