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Maggie's journey to beat cancer

  • Change of treatment plan     10 June 2018
    Posted by: Natasha Millar

    Hi everyone, we want to thank everyone who has donated so far.

    Maggie met with a surgeon last week and he has advised he would like to perform surgery urgently. Maggie will need to travel and stay in Auckland for the surgery where she will have 40% of her liver removed, removal of her gallbladder, a partial bowel removal and removal of affected lymph nodes. As you can imagine this is major surgery and will require at least 10 weeks of recovery time. At this stage the family have decided this is the best option for quality of life and will ask that money raised is firstly used to support Maggie on her stay in Auckland and recovery time as she will not be able to work. The PRRT in Australia is still on the cards however this is dependant of the outcome of surgery. We wanted to be transparent and inform those who have donated and who donate in the future of where the funds will be used. Thank you all again.

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