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Make it happen for Bill! - Updates - Givealittle

  • Message from Bill     18 November 2019 New
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    I’ve never felt so humbled and grateful to people in the community that contributed. It’s hard to describe in words my real thoughts, I breakdown, as it overwhelms me, the generosity of everyone. Chemo hasn’t worked like we’d hoped and we’re going to have to let the lymphoma run it’s course (with some bloody good pain killers and the odd beer).

    Your donations have meant my Swedish grandkids have been able to visit me and brighten up the last 3 weeks, which I am very grateful for.

    I thought you might enjoy a few photos from their trip - one here and Billi will put some in the gallery.

    Bill Gold

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  • Goal reached !     20 October 2019

    Wow. What an incredible group of people. Your generosity has bought Dad to tears; not a sight I see very often. To every one of you, he tells a story, an anecdote, a part of his life that you have been part of.

    We can’t express how much this means. 5 Swedish grandkids coming to NZ, all together (the first time ever all at once!). The chance to hang with their grandad, visit the kiwi half if their history, hear the stories and laugh together. The words don’t feel enough but ...from us all, especially Bill, thank you.

    Love to you all, you amazing people.

    Bill & Ngaire, Brandon & Malin (Marley, Louie, Anaiis, Li and Carmen) & Billi & Sam (Jude + Charlie)

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  • Almost there, thank you everyone!     9 October 2019

    Well Dad is completely taken back by the generosity of so many - The grandkids are booked to come out for two weeks and we could not be more thrilled.

    All donations will contribute towards the flights that have been booked !

    Can’t thank you all enough.

    Love and hugs, Billi and Brandon

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  • Half way to our goal !      21 September 2019

    Dad is overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone, we thank you for every donation.

    I know we can make it to the goal !

    Xxx Billi & Brandon

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  • Wow! Thank you      16 September 2019

    We are off to a fantastic start - thank you to those who have donated and spread the word x

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