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Help Protect our Medical & Emergency Heroes with Protective Face Shields

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    Peggy asks

    What does each mask cost to make? I imagine they're not cheap.

    on 31 Mar 2020

    • Tap Lab Incorporated

      Tap Lab Incorporated

      Hi Peggy, we have been so focused on just getting them out as quick as we can, that we haven't even calculated what we they would cost in materials. Currently individuals are self funding their own production and the shields are been given to medical professionals at no charge. A quick calculation in my head, I would estimate they cost $5-$10 per shield in materials + the time to make them (3d printing is not a fast process!)

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    Andrew asks

    Hi there, I am located in Auckland and have a single 3d printer and keen to help with mask printing. Please let me know what I can do to help.

    Regards, Andrew

    on 28 Mar 2020

    • Tap Lab Incorporated

      Tap Lab Incorporated

      Hi Andrew, thanks for the support! If your keen to get on board with printing, please register your interest here and we will get you in the group:

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    sarah asks

    Hi There,

    I read your article on the One News Website, and noticed you are using Overhead Projector Film.

    I was just wondering if you need any more packs of this?

    I work for a company that sells this item and i might be able to send a few packs your way.

    Please let me know

    on 28 Mar 2020

    • Tap Lab Incorporated

      Tap Lab Incorporated

      Hi Sarah, thanks for the kind offer. We actually have a few laser cutting companies who have joined our team so we are currently well supplied for the clear shield parts. I will reach out if the situation changes. Bless 🙏

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    Brendan asks

    Hey there,

    If you can help please get in touch.

    My mum runs a service that is contracted to the ministry of justice doing examinations / evidence collection for sexual assaults. She is based in New Plymouth and is struggling to get hold of PPE (when I spoke to her yesterday she was planning on breaking the 70+ rule and going down to Bunnings trying to get goggles in place of a proper face shield).

    If you have a way of getting a few to her in New Plymouth it would be greatly appreciated. Plz contact me on 0220970720 if you can help.

    on 28 Mar 2020

    • Tap Lab Incorporated

      Tap Lab Incorporated

      Hi Brendan, thanks for reaching out.

      Please have her submit a request for shields here: You can do it on her behalf if you have all her details. Please reference give a little in the notes, and I will keep an eye out for it.

  • DTTT

    Gerard asks

    Hi Guys,

    Do you have a template for the hole punching of the plastic shields? I'm planning to use lamination pockets, but a paper template forthe hole position would be really helpful. Also, printing the bottom supports or are they not necessary?



    Dunedin/021 310046

    on 28 Mar 2020

    • Tap Lab Incorporated

      Tap Lab Incorporated

      Hey Gerard, are you in our slack group? If not, register here and we will get you onboard: Details about hole punching should be in there, under the #clearahoeld-laser cutting channel. Same goes for print settings, but supports should not be required for the RC3 design.

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