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  • Standing tall     15 August 2018
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    A huge life changing thankyou to every single person who has donated to help Megan stand tall for the first time in her life. ❤️

    We are still funding rehabilitation 3 to 5 times every week for the next two years minimum to build new connections in her brain and get stronger and learn to walk better.

    ❤️Thankyou everyone ❤️

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  • Intensive therapy      23 June 2018
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    A huge Thankyou everyone for your helping us get Megan her new Legs.

    We now begin our next phase and need your help with the ongoing rehabilitation required for Megan to learn to walk again and get stronger.

    Any help and donations are greatly appreciated as the rehabilitation is not funded in New Zealand.

    Therapy is 5x a week at a cost of $120 an hr. Which we simply don’t have after paying for surgery and everything in USA.

    Meg is doing amazing and we are very proud of her as it’s been very hard.

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  • St Louis Children’s Hospital      17 May 2018
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    We have arrived in St Louis and are at children’s hospital meeting Dr park and his team. Thankyou everyone for your support.❤️

    We really need and appreciate everyone helping us at this time.

    Megan’s surgury is at 12am NZ time Sat 19th May is her 1st SDR Surgery.

    Megs 2nd Surgery on all her heelcords & hamstrings is the 29th May St. Louis time.

    Meg she will be in casts for several weeks post op.

    We will then know if she needs a 3rd surgery in 12 months time back here in St Louis. On the Tibia to correct severe deformities of her bones butvwe won’t know that for a little while .

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  • One more sleep     07 May 2018
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    Well one more sleep before we depart for the first Leg of our Journey to USA 🇺🇸 Thank you to every single person who has helped us to achieve our Dream for Megan. If you have made a donation in anyway we are here because of you.

    This journey actually began in 2005 with a mum & dad asking questions about SDR and being knocked back so many times. Then to finally discover we could apply direct to St Louis and Dr park to see if Meg would be suitable candidate. Megan was accepted in August 2017 it’s taken a year to get here and 9 months of fundraising sold over 7,000 Whittakers chocolate Bars close to 100kgs of sausages countless raffles and Auctions, bake sales, plane leaps, mufti days, marathons, line dancing, concerts and lunches, cards n candles, Christmas ornaments and boxes, boots, shorts and even the shirt from Sam Canes back, hundreds of donations one dollar warriors cjb Norwood trust and spark foundation , gifts for raffles and close to $140,000 to get us to St Louis.

    This is just a small amount of how we have raised $$

    From here on everything we raise is for Megs post op Rehabilitation bill which comes close to $32,000.

    If you would like to make a donation for Megs Rehab and physio post op which will be gruelling on us all.

    ❤️A huge heart felt Thankyou from the H Tribe❤️

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  • Two weeks to Go     20 April 2018
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    The countdown is on before our family goes to USA to get Megans two surgeries.

    we begin the next phase of surgery and then once home funding megs post op rehabilitation.

    if you would like to make a donation to help us with our expenses in USA We would greatly appreciate any donations ❤️

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  • 56 days and counting     23 March 2018
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    56 days left and it’s good bye Spasticity!

    and Megan gets the first of her two surgeries in St Louis Children's Hospital in Missouri USA to help her walk better.

    The monster spasticity caused by premature birth we have known for nearly 16 years. A monster that has made our girl endure so many surgeries. A monster that tightens muscles , causes cramps and spasms and causes deformities in her bones and legs in my precious daughter.

    Thank you everyone for your Donations and for helping to make this Happen for Megan.

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  • Surgery      26 February 2018
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    We are very privileged to have met Dr park in February before Megs Surgery in May. Very positive meeting and future for our daughter from her surgery in St Louis Children's Hospital for Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy Surgery or SDR.

    We hope you all saw the Amazing story about our SDR family and the journey of SDR on seven Sharp in February.

    Once again thank-you for all your support.❤

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  • 11 weeks to Go!     21 February 2018
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    We have 11 weeks to go before we arrive in St Louis for Megan's Surgery. We have a lot of fundraising to do before then, and approx $35,000 to raise.

    we also a lot of strength training to be ready for her two surgeries.

    Thank you to those who have made some pretty amazing Donations.

    we have an actual Surgical date now so the pressure is really on dont forget to go onto facebook on Megans SDR dream and follow us so you can follow our SDR journey.


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  • May 2018 Confirmed!     03 February 2018
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    Today we received the email from St Louis Children's Hospital confirming our place on the surgical list for May 2018.

    Let's do this team!!!!

    No turning back

    Together we will get Meg to St Louis.

    Will let everyone know date as soon as we get it.


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  • Times running out     01 February 2018
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    Thankyou to one dollar warriors who helped us in Dec/Jan .

    Time is approaching rapidly and we need your support. At the end of February we will have our hospital date for May and we will have 45 days to pay our hospital bill of approx $83,000 NZD please if you could spare just $5 or $10 each it will make a big difference to being able to pay our surgical treatment bill we are working very hard with fundraisng ,

    Sausage sizzles, raffles, 1/2 marathons, chocolate selling,

    It takes a huge emotional toll trying to raise the money required for a child to get the surgery they need so very badly.

    Please could you share Megs Give a little page. Let's get her to Dr Park at St Louis Children's so she can walk without a walking frame and not spend her life in a wheelchair.


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  • A HUGE thankyou to our Warriors!     14 December 2017
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    We want to say a huge thankyou to every single warrior out there making a massive difference fundraising with us for Megan's Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy and PERCS Surgery in May 2018.

    Megan is loving reading all the messages❤.

    Thankyou and merry Christmas.

    love the Hodgkinson family and Meg.

    Don't forget to like our Facebook page so we can keep everyone updated from St Louis.

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  • THANK YOU!!!     04 November 2017
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    We wanted to say a huge heart felt thank you to all those who have donated & supported us through the give a little page!

    you are all Amazing !!!

    Megan loves reading all the messages from everyone!


    Love the Hodgkinson family!!!!!!!

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  • NEW SURGERY DATE     27 September 2017

    We have a new month for surgery of MAY 2018!!!!.

    which is fantastic we are on the cancellation list so we will hopefully see that date move closer.

    thank you everyone for your amazing support, for sharing her give a little page and her facebook page. we really appreciate every ones help.


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  • Thankyou! surgery date     09 September 2017

    A huge thank you everyone who have donated so far you are amazing! every donation is a step closer for Megan.

    we have a date of no later than July 2018 for selective Dorsal Rhizotomy surgery & PERCS !!!! This could be sooner if there is a cancellation date.

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  • 580 generous donors

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