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Meningitis and sepsis change my life in an instant

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I lost my hands to meningitis, sepsis. like to get some prosthetics and my diabetes senses and things 2 help me with day to day living

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It started off with a cold which you don't think anything of. I drove to the coast to pick my sister up and things started to get worse my breathing became difficult and I turned to my sister and said I think I need an ambulance. So we made it to Arthur's Pass and called the ambulance. They got me to hospital in time but it was very touching go, they asked my family if they wanted to save my life or my organs as they didn't think the outcome would be very good because of multiple organ failure. I have lost one hand and I have stumps on the other hand and most of my toes on my left foot. And meningitis also took my spleen. So I have been in hospital for 6 months but I am slowly getting better at walking with my Fame but still need my wheelchair. I saw the prosthetics team and they said that the ministry of health will not find anything for my left hand because it is too expensive and because I wouldn't have anything for the left I wouldn't be able to put the attachment on my right hand, so I would have to come up with the money myself. And being a Type 1 Diabetic I need to check my sugars frequently through the day but they also will not fund a sensor as I cannot put my finger. I really do not understand our health system. At the moment I have the help of people showering and getting me dressed but the main goal is to try gain my independence back and start my new life. It is tough as you don't realise how hard day today things are until you're in the situation.

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Funds will be used for prosthetic diabetes monitors day today gadgets wheelchair taxis

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Sherrin Parsons


Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Sherrin Parsons.
“Big love from the other side of the planet :)”
“Sending love and healing best wishes x”
“Hope your recovery continues!”
“To the bravest person I know , I’m sure every little but helps xxx”
“This is where our system in Nz fulls over . Our health system should help .”
“Thoughts are with you Sherrin. You probably don’t remember me from Smith’s but I remember you... Stay strong girl xo”
“take care hope u get better soon”
“Much love for a brave family xx”
“We are friends with your mum and have been kept updated throughout your journey... Keep up the great progress....”
“We hope the next part of the journey is made easier by the support of friends and family. Good luck.”
  • $3,220.00 donated
  • 37 generous donors

$3,220 donated

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