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Mighty Maxs Fight !

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    Melissa asks

    Hi Kirsty,

    I’m sorry but due to circumstance at this time I am not able to financially donate. However, I may be able to offer something different. My brother was born in 1987 and had WAS. He received his bone marrow transplant in 1994 (I think) and is now a healthy 33 year old. Thought maybe you or your family would like to chat to myself, my brother, or perhaps my parents during your difficult time. Flick me an email at and we can get in touch.

    You are all in my thoughts!


    on 17 Feb 2020

    • Kirsty Rowlands


      Hi Melissa, thanks so much for taking the time to read. And reach out to us. I will pass this beautiful gesture to Liz with your contact details. The more support she can find especially by those who have been there; the better. Thank you again very much

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