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Mighty Will's Baltimore Leukemia Treatment

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While the treatment is paid for, travel and living costs will not be. We are asking for your help to pay these costs.

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William was born a healthy young boy who was living life to the full with two supportive parents who loved every second of him and the stresses of parenting, however, after 2 years of sleep training finally cracked we got the worst news any parent of a lively child could hear. He has Leukemia.

After the shock we silently fought on and tried to be as positive as any human could be. As hard as it was we saw him through his treatment and finally found some normality with this ugly disease. He showed many what strength and courage is. Unfortunately, after a year he relapsed requiring a bone marrow transplant. It was a treatment not for the faint-hearted. William, again showed his positive resilience and spirit and took it in his stride. We were joined by his little brother Charlie whose first months were only experienced in hospital as he stayed in the room with Will. Things were starting to take a toll on us as family.

A year later thinking this was done and behind us he relapsed. The Cancer cell was hiding and allusive. His Medical team, Parents, and more importantly William were prepared to fight again. It cannot be overstated how hard this was on his little body, but William defied the odds and made it.

William finally got to go to school this year and displayed his love of learning. He was one week out from getting his immunisations again when he went to hospital with suspected Mumps. Unfortunately and fortunately a few quick thinking Doctors did some investigations and thought to do some extra checks. Sadly we found that the Leukemia was hiding and returned for a fourth time, or never really left.

This means it’s his final chance of survival if we can get him the help he needs, which is overseas at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. The cost of the flights to get 4 of us over there and to have some basic quality of life while we support William is out of our reach, as 4 ½ years of this has financially obliterated us and we just need help. We do not know the duration of the trial but we could be looking at a year of treatment in Baltimore. The funding would cover flights and living costs for our little family in America, while Will undergoes the treatment.

We will do anything to save this amazing young boy who has an infectious personality and positively affects those around him. He is known as the Mighty Will for a reason. Please help if you can.

Thank you, Marcus & Becky Stuart.

Jamie Greenslade's involvement (page creator)

I am Becky's brother.

Use of funds

The Give-A-Little funds will be used for travel and living costs for our family while William is undergoing treatment in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

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Time Flies!  20 August 2020

Posted by: Jamie Greenslade

Thank you for all of your support.

We could not have done it without you and we are so utterly grateful for your generosity: financially, emotionally, and spiritually!

As the Givealittle page is about to close, we will activate and be active on the Facebook page that we haven’t focused on - the link is below.

If you would like to keep following William’s journey please join us. We will be mostly posting pics and the occasional blurb letting you know how he is going.

We are about to hit the 8 month post infusion and are so pleased to have made it past the 6 month marker and have all hopes that we hit 12 months safely.

You have contributed so selflessly and kindly, and then we face an unusual worldwide health situation. Your strength and courage is admired and appreciated.

Stay Safe, Stay Kind, Stay Helpful.

Marcus, Becky, Cheeky Charlie and of course the Mighty Will.

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Joanne Guilford
Joanne Guilford on 20 Aug 2020
Additional donation from Auckland Grammar School Staff Bake-Off
Ruel on 20 May 2020
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Private Donor on 07 May 2020
Jamie on 19 Feb 2020
With Lots of Love, Jamie Kay
Miranda on 09 Feb 2020
Very best luck for William’s treatment Love and best wishes to you all Miranda Hales

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