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Mike Havill - Tour Aotearoa 2020 Cape Reinga to Bluff

  • Final Update

      20 May 2020
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    Hi, this will be my last update as the fundraising page closes 1 June. Thanks everyone for the support the amount donated has exceeded my expectations.

    There have been some interesting times since I completed the ride on 22nd March. I didn’t have much idea about the seriousness of the virus situation as I hadn’t seen TV or newspapers for 4 weeks. I didn’t know about alert levels. In the 3 days following my arrival at Bluff, the alert levels went from 2 to 3 to 4. I hindsight I was probably lucky to finish the ride, many others didn’t. I had a vehicle in Christchurch, drove to Picton, and managed to get one of the last ferries north.

    My bike was locked down in Invercargill for some time but arrived home this week.

    Thanks again for supporting the Charities.

    There is a link here to a 5 minute youtube slide show of my trip. Photo quality is a bit average as I only had an old Samsung phone.

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  • Completed my ride to Bluff 22 March.

      23 March 2020
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    Yesterday afternoon I completed the Tour Aotearoa 3000+km, Cape Reinga to Bluff. I"m very happy with way the ride went. It already seems quite surreal. Thanks everybody very much for the encouragement and support. Fundraising will continue for another month or two. Mike

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    • 24/03/2020 by Barbara

      Congratulations, Mike - what an incredible achievement. By our calculations you've been 32 days on the road. You must be so chuffed.

      Ngaa mihi nui

      Brabara and Ken

  • From Haast

      16 March 2020
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    Hi everyone, the ride is going very well, approx 470km remains to Bluff. I have so far been very fortunate with the weather. I don,'t want to get ahead of myself, but hope to complete the ride at Bluff on Saturday.

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    • 17/03/2020 by Barbara

      Hi Mike - well done you! All the best for reaching Bluff by Saturday.

      Kia kaha

      Barbara and Ken

  • Ride Progress

      26 February 2020
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    Hi, I departed Cape Reinga last Wednesday and am currently in Mangakino having completed 8 days of riding. I have covered 750km so I'm 1/4 of the to Bluff. Everything seems to be going to plan, thanks for the support. Follow my GPS tracker via the link on this page. Mike

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  • Neuro Research Charitable Trust Newsletter

      14 February 2020
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    New Year Greetings


    I trust you’ve had a lovely holiday break and the New Year has kicked off with a great start.

    Whilst we’ve been relaxing and enjoying the summer sun with family and friends we’ve often spared a thought for Mike Havill diligently training for Tour Aotearoa 2020 - a mammoth bike ride from Cape Reinga to Bluff. Mike is raising funds for Parkinson’s and sets off from Cape Reinga on the 19th of February. To date he has raised $9,595, with the NRCT share sitting just over half this amount. He is aiming to reach $10k by the time he puts foot to pedal on the 19th and for this amount continue to grow as he makes his way down the country. You can donate via Don’t forget to add “NRCT” to your comments so funds may be directed our way.

    Mike’s GPS tracker will go on line at 9am on 19th if you’d like to follow his journey

    Mike, on behalf of fellow members of the “Parkies Club” and our NRCT family of supporters – we wish you all the very best for a safe, enjoyable and fulfilling fundraising journey.

    SAVE THE DATE – Thursday 17th September – NRCT function for 2020

    Our next fabulous NRCT function will take place at The Atrium, Wintec on the evening of Thursday 17th September. Details to follow. In the meantime save the date and think about how many tickets you’d like, or who you’d invite to your table of 10. If you’ve attended a previous NRCT event at The Atrium you’ll know what an entertaining evening it is and won’t want to miss out. You are welcome to email to reserve your seat/s before tickets go on sale.

    No Dream too Big


    Patron, NRCT

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  • Thanks Prolife Foods, for the Products.

      29 January 2020
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    Mother Earth - Oaty Slices, Better Bars and OTG Nut Boosts to share with other riders.

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  • Marin Bikes Costa Rica

      27 January 2020
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    Thanks for sharing.

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  • Reached a goal

      16 January 2020
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    I set myself a goal a while ago of having the leading weekly distance for the Hamilton MTB club. Achieved last week!

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  • Marin Bikes

      12 January 2020
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    Thanks Marin Bikes, California for sharing my ride on their Instagram page. Over 1,300 likes.

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  • Two months till start

      17 December 2019
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    Hi, and thank you very much for supporting the Charities. I had my longest training ride on Saturday 137km and everything went well. Legs – Good, Arms Shoulders and hands – Good, Back - Good, Backside - OK, Sunburn – Minimal, Concentration – Good, Bike and Gear – Very Good. Mike

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  • 11 November 2019

      11 November 2019
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    Hi, Thank you for your support. The event is now only three months away. training is going reasonably well. Since March I have cycled approx 4000km, so I am building up a base. It’s probably now time going to increase my “time on the bike” to at least 15 hours a week which should equate around 250 - 300km per week, including more hills. I will also be riding some overnighters with my bike fully loading with camping gear etc.

    I know I have got some limitations so I won’t be overtraining. Advice I have had is to be slightly underdone and pick up the fitness as I progress on “the ride”.

    By the time the event is over in March, I will cycled close to 10,000km.

    I am booked on a bus to head north from Auckland Airport to Cape Reinga on the 18th February. The ride starts 19th and I have a boat crossing booked on the Kaipara Harbour on the 22nd, and will be riding through Auckland on Sunday 23rd. I should be back passing through the Waikato on the 24th/25th.

    I was on a road bike Sunday, riding the cycle leg for a team at the Tinman Tri at Mt Maunganui,

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  • More information on the destination of the funds raised

      14 September 2019

    Neuro Research Charitable Trust

    NRCT funds are directed to the Centre for Brain Research at the University of Auckland for agreed neurological research with the aim of finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease. A focus has been on understanding the earliest changes in the brain and the possible mechanisms by which the disease spreads in the brain with findings being internationally recognised. Without research there won’t be a cure.

    Parkinson's Waikato

    Parkinson's Waikato have indicated that the funds gifted to them will be invested back into the local Parkinson's community, ensuring people living with Parkinson's have access to support services, exercise groups, support groups and home visits.

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  • Parkinson's Waikato

      16 August 2019

    A slight change in who will use the the funds. Funds will be directed for the local affiliated branch to assist people in Parkinson's Waikato rather than the national branch

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