A Second Chance for Life for our Rescued Dogs

$980 donated
Given by 12 generous donors in one year

Help us at MINDFULNESS4DOGS to provide force-free training that will help rescued dogs to lead a happy and relaxed life in their new homes.


It’s the sad truth, but many rescued and abandoned dogs leave their shelter destined to live a happy life in their new homes, only to find themselves back in the shelter 6 months later, carrying the trauma of having lost another supposed "home for life”. You see, they carry their sufferings with them from the shelter into their new homes. Often, their new owners, full of good intentions, just aren’t able to deal with the repercussions of their shattered lives.

But let’s IMAGINE a world where our rescued dogs left their shelters worry free, without the behavioural issues we so commonly associate with them. Like jumping up and biting, pulling on the lead, showing food aggression or aggression to other dogs.

IMAGINE if these rescued dogs left their shelters confident and well trained. And what if their new owners were also given the training to ensure their new rescued dog could lead a long and happy life in their new home?

You can help us at MINDFULNESS4DOGS to provide the force-free, fear-free training that will make the difference when it's needed the most.

TOGETHER we can ensure that our rescued dogs in the Waikato have the very best start to their new lives with their new owners.

TOGETHER we can ensure that our rescued dogs in the Waikato have the skills to make this second chance count and lead to a long and rewarding future.

Use of funds

All funds will be used to provide force-free and fear-free dog training for rescued dogs and their new owners or fosters in the Waikato. If needed, money will go towards harnesses, leads, and toys to help their training and integration into their new home.

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Latest donations

Natalie on 03 Dec 2019
Thanks so much for spending time with our beautiful Kaia on Sunday, we really appreciated your help! cheers Nats & Simon
Darran Rowe

Thanks so much Nats and Simon, Kaia an awesome dog, you have great times ahead of you.

Darran Rowe
Tina on 03 Dec 2019
Keep up the great work and making a difference.
Darran Rowe

Thanks Tina, I really appreciate your support. I really makes a difference to these dogs.

Darran Rowe
Rose and Gordon
Rose and Gordon on 27 Nov 2019
Darran Rowe

Thanks, such a kind donation.

Darran Rowe
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 13 Nov 2019
Darran Rowe

Thank you so much for your amazing donation. this will really help our cause.

Darran Rowe
Carol on 03 Nov 2019
Wonderful work. Heard you on Sunday radio.
Darran Rowe

Thank you so much Carol. I really appreciate your donation.

Darran Rowe

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