Miriam's Transgender Surgery

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A fundraiser for Miriam's transgender surgery, we are looking to get the last funds required after passing the hat around our community.

Manawatu / Whanganui

Miriam's friends are organizing this fundraiser to help us get her the life saving medical intervention she needs. We have all chipped in to this fund, and are asking for your help to get us across the line of what is a very expensive set of medical procedures.

Miriam has written her story below:

Hello, I'm Miriam.

I am a disabled trans woman living below the poverty line, struggling to find a way to afford to live, let alone pay the costs of my surgeries. These are medically necessary for me to survive, as the impact of my dysphoria is increasingly severe as time goes on. I'm not capable of waiting any longer.

Facial dysphoria is a real and severe medical issue that's not recognized in New Zealand, despite its treatment being provably necessary by WPATH, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health that most of NZ's trans health policies are based on.

Unfortunately, the New Zealand government doesn't provide coverage for most of the surgery I need, and those they do cover will have me waiting for so long that the psychological damage will drive me into suicide again. At this point it's inevitable. I will not last that long.

Please, help me get this surgery. I want to keep living.


I have an appointment with a clinic in Thailand next year, to receive the following treatments:

1. SRS (Penile Skin Inversion Technique C Scrotal Skin Graft) = 260,000 THB

2. FFS Package:

- Forehead Contouring with Lowering Hairline = 230,000 THB

- Rhinoplasty Reduction = 150,000 THB

- Chin Contouring = 180,000 THB

Total 560,000 THB

Special Price for FFS Package = 450,000 THB

Total Price for SRS and FFS = 710,000 THB

That's $35,400 NZD

Travel and accommodation adds an additional $5000.

As Miriam stated, the total costs are roughly $40,000. This is a lot. We have currently raised $27,000 between us, so we are very, very close to achieving our goal! Please help us to the finish line!


If you cannot donate directly to this fundraiser and wish to contribute, please visit the ko-fi page listed below.

Logan Gregory's involvement (page creator)

Miriam is a good friend of mine who is in dire need of help, and I am running this campaign on her behalf. We have been friends for over ten years and she is very important to me.

Use of funds

Funds will be used to cover the costs of surgery, inclusive of any prescription drugs Miriam will need during her stay, as well as follow ups; as well as travel. Excess funds will be donated to another transgender campaign.

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Created by Logan Gregory, paying to a verified bank account of Megan Gregory on behalf of Miriam Nixon
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