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Mish's Surgery and Cancer Recovery - Updates - Givealittle

  • Latest Update - Long Overdue!     15 October 2019

    Mish was put on immunotherapy drugs recently to try to boost his immune system and get him in better health. Unfortunately it doesn't sound like it went too well - here's a quick update from him:

    "I have been taken off my immunotherapy as I have had severe reactions to this so I have been taken off them in the meantime and put on steroids to keep me going until they can figure out a different immunotherapy to use."

    So let's all send our own special brand of love and good vibes to Mish! Thanks all x

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  • Update 4     11 July 2019

    Hi all, Justin, Mish's brother is with him at the moment in hospital. Here's the latest update from Justin:

    "Thanks to all the generous donors who have contributed to this for us. After many ups and downs over the last week, Hamish is still in hospital getting over the post op infection. He hopes to be home in the next 10 days.

    Many people have been working behind the scenes to get a smooth transition for Hamish. This has not been an easy task,

    Hamish has a good appetite and should continue to regain strength. He is looking much better than 2 weeks ago.

    We are still waiting on a Pet scan to determine if there is any cancer still in his system. But at this point we are concentrating on beating the post op infection first."

    So, Mish is still fighting the infection and has a way to go yet, but knowing that he has the support of friends and family all round the world is huge.

    Thanks again, and if you can keep sharing this page, that would be awesome!

    Until next time.

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  • Update 3     7 July 2019

    Hi folks, Mish is still in hospital recovering from his second surgery. His brother, Justin, is now over there to assist him, which is fantastic! He's reducing the pain meds and getting his drains removed. So he's starting to heal finally.

    The next step is that he will get a PET scan to see if there is any more cancer.

    He's got a couple more weeks in hospital until he goes into "assisted living" where he can recover. It's been 2 major surgeries and they had to go through the same incision for the second operation. So some pretty major healing to do.

    Please continue to share this page on your social media feeds if you haven't already - we really appreciate all the donations so far.

    Blessings to all xxx

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  • Post Surgery Update 2     20 June 2019

    We got some not so great news today, Mish has had to be readmitted for another emergency surgery. It appears he has a post-operative infection which was what has caused him to be in so much pain.

    We're waiting to hear the outcome.

    We know your thoughts are with him sending love and best wishes.

    Kia Kaha, Stay Strong Mish.

    Thank you all so much for your donations to date. Please continue to share the Givealittle link on your social media pages and via email - Mish needs us.

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  • Post Surgery Update 1     15 June 2019

    Mish has been told that he had a rare type of Melanoma which formed in his intestines. He is still in hospital recovering from having had a 12.5cm (5 inch) tumour removed along with 41cm (16 inches) of his intestines.

    He may need further surgery.

    Please share this link - every dollar will help him.

    Thanks so much to all those who have already been so generous.

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