Mobility van desperately needed for deserving girl's quality of life.

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Mobility Van is required to ensure quality of life for a young woman with Muscular Dystrophy. State Lotteries unsuccessful.

Manawatu / Whanganui

Ghana Maya Neupane is a delightful, intelligent and gentle-natured 23 year old young lady who came to New Zealand as a Nepalese refugee 7 years ago and is now a citizen of our wonderful country. Ghana Maya did not have an easy start in life, having spent 16 years in a refugee camp, and to compound the challenges and miseries of life as a refugee, she has Muscular Dystrophy, a degenerative disease of the muscular system. This was not diagnosed until she came to New Zealand and for her childhood, she had to crawl or be carried. Patients lose the use of their limbs and become progressively weaker to a point where they may lose the ability to swallow or breathe. Ghana has already lost the use of her legs and she has limited use of her arms. Up until now, Ghana has been able to access the community by transferring from a fold-up wheelchair to a car seat but in recent months, due to her weakening muscles, this has become extremely challenging, painful and dangerous for her. Although Physiotherapists have trialed transfer devices, her unique condition makes it impossible to use them. She has an electric wheelchair and she is now at the point where she needs to travel in a total mobility van. We made an application to State Lotteries for a grant for a mobility van when Ghana got her NZ Citizenship but the application was declined due to the high number of applicants,175, and the low number of grants,57. I am therefore fundraising on her and her family's behalf. This was entirely my idea and they would not have initiated this because they are extremely humble and grateful for all that New Zealand has already given them.Ghana has an extremely loving and nurturing family who would do anything for her. She is affectionately known as Chunku which means that she is their precious little one. It is really important that Ghana has quality family and social life while she is still able to. I am sure that there are people out there who would be willing to help this lovely girl and her wonderful family by helping me to raise funds for a mobility van for her. It would be life-changing for this family to be able to go out to the park with Ghana on a sunny day and also to make day trips to places of interest in the Manawatu so that they can enjoy our beautiful country together.

Pam Cresswell's involvement (page creator)

I am involved because I was one of Ghana's teachers in the Special Education Department at Freyberg High School for 5 years. I got to know Ghana's family very well during this time and I remain very close to them. They are humble, generous and caring people who are very grateful for their new lives and opportunities in New Zealand and for the help which has been received for Ghana whilst she has been at school and beyond. I want to ensure that Ghana is able to access the community, socialize and go on outings with her family. It would be a tragedy for this awesome young woman to have to be confined to the four walls of her home when there is so much for her to do in the community and so much joy and pleasure to be had going on outings with her family and exploring our beautiful environment.

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Thanks to your generosity we have given Ghana a mobility vehicle  29 September 2017

On Sunday 24th September 2017 a mobility vehicle was given to Ghana Neupane. It belonged to John Braiden and his family and was used by his beloved late daughter, Jess, who passed away in August 2017. John and his family knew that Jess would be very happy that her vehicle was now being used by such a deserving young woman and her lovely family. The money remaining in the account, which has been so generously donated, will be used for essential costs such as insurance , maintenance, registration, WOFs and on going costs to keep Ghana mobile. Ghana and her family are overjoyed and eternally grateful to everyone who has been involved in making this possible and they are blown away by the generosity and kindness of Kiwi people. As their fundraiser, I cannot sufficiently express my love and gratitude to everyone who has donated to this cause and made this delightful family's dreams for their beloved daughter come true. May you always be blessed. Namaste.

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Anonymous Zenith Gym Donor
Anonymous Zenith Gym Donor on 03 Sep 2017
Doug's Stronger U crew Zenith Fitness
Doug's Stronger U crew Zenith Fitness on 27 Aug 2017
All the best from the Stronger U Crew at Zenith Fitness.
Cassidy on 25 Aug 2017
Sanita Ram
Sanita Ram on 25 Aug 2017
Fully support your course, thank you for taking such an inspiring initiative.
Maggie Vine
Maggie Vine on 25 Aug 2017
Best of luck (Zenith Fitness member)

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