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Modern day slavery

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Money to feed hungry exploited workers who have not received any job and had their money and belongings stolen from their employers.

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There are around 48 Chinese workers who were promised work in New Zealand by an agency company working in construction. These are skilled workers who had worked in many other countries. They came to New Zealand to seek temporary work for them they were promised minimum 40 hours per week work, however, once arrived in New Zealand it was not the case. Many had not received any work since August last year. Yesterday these workers had their luggage stolen by the employer. They no money, no food or even shelter. All 48 workers slept on the street last night.

We are trying to organise some food for these workers while we resolve their issue and get back the owed wages along with the agency fees so they can either seek work elsewhere in New Zealand or go back home to their families.

We believe this is the tip of the iceberg, there may be many other workers who are in similar situation as these men but are too afraid to speak out


We have found temporary accomdation for 16 of these workers for the next three nights.

Use of funds:

To organise food for these 48 workers who have not receive any work since coming to New Zealand. If we receive more than we need the money will go to other migrant workers who may be in the same situation as them.

Page created by:

Unite Union


We are the Union who is trying to get these workers the money that was owed to them back from the employer and money for them to survive on while we resolve the issue. These workers currently cannot work in the company they are hired to work and cannot find jobs in other places because their visa is linked to the company they are employed to.

We are seeking the owed wages back to the workers and get them the right visa to help them or get the owed money to help them to go back home to their family.

All funds raised benefit:

Chinese workers who are exploited

Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Unite Union on behalf of Chinese workers who are exploited .
“Thank you for your support and advocacy on behalf of these men.”
“This is disgusting exploitation of vulnerable human beings. I hope they can get some justice.”
“All the best”
“God bless you!”
“All the best to them”
“Please help these workers. And bring Peter Li and NPL to justice.”
“Good luck”
“Support ! Stop cheating oversea labour!”
“All the Best n God Bless!”
  • $8,228.00 donated
  • 194 generous donors

$8,228 donated

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