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Mollii Suit for Keira

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Fundraising for a garment that can reduce pain and increase functional movement.

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Keira is our cute wee 4 year old daughter, who has severe cerebral palsy as a result of a brain bleed while still in the womb. This means she is still learning head control and balance for sitting, as well as a lot of other issues.

At the end of last year we paid to do a 3 month trial of a Mollii suit - basically a garment with electrical pulses that form a neuro-rehabilitation effect. There is a pile of info on the suit at:

In that 3 months we saw a notable reduction in her startle reflex, her limbs were more relaxed, her engagement with the world around her increased and she was able to lift her head for 30 seconds longer than prior. Her physiotherapist, conductive education therapist and childcare all saw improvements.

All of this is key to Keira's quality of life, in the long term there is the chance it would help her eat on her own and get her out of the wheelchair. At the moment her prognosis is that she will not walk on her own. I would be happy if it 'just' reduced her pain and the need for future surgeries (tight leg muscles have already deformed her hip bones).

Despite all of the testimonials and results people have seen the DHB will not fund. And the cost is high.

The Cerebral Palsy society has agreed to a grant of $1,500 towards the suit. We have a small amount of savings in an account for Keira's needs.

This leaves us with needing to fundraise $12,000 to $13,500.

Quote for garment is currently 13,650 NZD. After the 12th of August it will be 15,700 NZD, as the discount for having previously trialed the garment expires.

Cherie Dodds' involvement (page creator)

I'm her mother, trying to help her however possible

Use of funds

If we can not raise enough money immediately, what we raise will go into her account and we will keep trying. But as time passes her body may deform without it.

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    Best of luck with your fundraising. Such a beautiful wee girl x


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$2,290 of $13,680 goal

Given by 41 generous donors in 12 days

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