Mongol Derby for a Cool Earth

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I am riding the Mongol Derby from 8 - 17 August 2018. Please donate to help others to save their rain forests and save the earth.


I am Trudi Thomas-Morton, I am a mother, a grandmother, I live in Levin and I am riding in the Mongol Derby 2018!! 1000km across the Mongol Steppe on small, feisty, tough equine missiles which don’t always go where you aim them – in under 10 days. Possibly that’s the reason why it’s said to be the longest and toughest horse race in the world.

The Mongol Derby is based on the Chinggis Khaan's postal system which was used to relay messages at speed from the furthest corners of the empire. It rebuilds this network to stage one of the most ambitious equine events in history. Check out

Like anything, this adventure comes at a cost – physical, psychological, personal and monetary. I’m pumping iron at the gym, treadmilling, cross training, stretching and toning with pilates. I have a mantra “The pain won’t last forever” and I am managing (just) the stress of training, riding, working, managing my little plot of land, eating and occasionally sleeping (no social life included).

I have put a significant sum of my personal money into this adventure. The ride fee alone is US$13,000 and this money goes to the Mongolian herders who provide up to 1,500 horses for 40 riders. There is no prize money.

Also, as a condition of entry, each contestant must raise UK1,000 pounds (approximately NZ$2,000), half of which goes to Cool Earth,, an international organisation which empowers indigenous people to save their own rain forests. The other half can be donated to an organisation of my choice. I know there are many worthwhile charities in New Zealand, I am committed to global conservation, it benefits us all and therefore I will be donating all my fundraising proceeds to Cool Earth.

While I am doing this incredible challenge for myself, it is incredible that not only does my personal money help the people of Mongolia, you get the opportunity, just by donating a few dollars, to help others learn how to save their own rain forests which, in turn, has a beneficial effect on global environmental health.

Please donate generously.

Thank you.


Trudi Thomas-Morton's involvement (page creator)

As a condition of my entry in the Mongol Derby 2018 I must raise UK1,000 pounds (approximately NZ$2,000). I am donating all of my fundraising money to Cool Earth,, an international organisation which empowers indigenous people to save their own rain forests. I am committed to global conservation which benefits us all.

Use of funds

All money, irrespective of the amount or whether I complete the Derby or not,, will be donated to Cool Earth. The goal is in excess of NZ$2,000.

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Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 30 Jul 2018
Brigitte on 29 Jul 2018
Trudi Thomas-Morton

Thanks so much Brig for your support!!!!

Trudi Thomas-Morton
Trish on 09 Jun 2018
Enjoy the adventure
Tracy on 08 Jun 2018
you go girl!!!
Trudi Thomas-Morton

Hey chickie. Thank you so much for your support. xx

Trudi Thomas-Morton
Judith on 30 May 2018
Trudi Thomas-Morton

Thank you so very much Judith. I really appreciate your support and generosity!!

Trudi Thomas-Morton

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