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  • Thinking differently now

      18 March 2015

    When Lynda graduated from Merivale in February 2015, she was excited about the prospect of a new future with her partner and children. Six months before, when she first came to Merivale, things looked quite bleak. Five of her children were already in the care of other family members. She was worried she would lose her two youngest as well. However, through one-on-one counselling and participation in the group learning programmes at Merivale, Lynda gained a new way of thinking about herself and life. She learned how to express herself without anger, and how to bond with her children. She learned how to transform her family life for good.

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  • Update for 18/07/2014

      18 July 2014

    At the end of June 2014, three mums graduated from the Merivale programme. One of them said: ""The best gift from being here is just having my children...But in saying that, I havenft done this programme just for CYF. Ifve done it for myself and for my children. CYF can go away or stay, but itfs really about I want to give my children the best possible parent that they can have."" Thanks for helping this mum, and other mums like her, become the best possible parent they can be.

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  • The world's toughest job - a mum

      5 May 2014

    This short clip takes a tongue-in-cheek but sobering look at what it takes to be a mum. Watch the video and then consider what it is like to be a young mother, without support and with multiple challenges, trying to do that role. That's why our Merivale mums need all the awhi we can provide. Thanks for helping the Merivale mums become the best mums they can be.

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