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Musician dDub (Derek Browne) has end stage cancer and needs help

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Derek(dDub) is an inspirational soul who deserves to continue making people happy with his music, & enjoying the love of family & friends.

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Derek (dDub) Browne was diagnosed with Stage IV prostate cancer in November 2018. Only a couple of months earlier he was fully fit and able to climb trees in his work as an arborist. He became suddenly ill with a sore lower back and fatigue and lost 14 kgs in three weeks. A bone biopsy confirmed metastasised prostate cancer. Because he is young (48), it is a particularly nasty fast-spreading disease and for now is only being controlled by hormone therapy drugs.

Derek is the lead singer/founder of the band dDub. For 15 years dDub toured NZ extensively and played over 56 gigs in one year alone. They put out two successful albums, selling over 10,000 copies and played to audiences ranging from 150 to 25,000 people at festivals such as Womad and Rhythm and Vines. His music has given so much pleasure to thousands of people and now we are asking for help to extend Derek’s life for as long as we can.

Derek's wife, Veronica, is caring for him full-time. This means neither are able to work and they are living off the kindness of friends and family.

If he is strong enough over the next few months we will send him to the Tokyo Clinic in Southern Tohoku Hospital for immunotherapy treatment. If he doesn’t recover his strength, then we hope to give him the best of life possible, some joy and to ease the financial stress. We are asking for help to cover the medical and associated costs.

Since starting up this page Derek has become weaker. Earlier this week (01 04 2019) Derek went to hospital for blood tests. These showed his liver is starting to fail and he is not strong enough for Chemotherapy treatment. This means it is unlikely he will regain strength now and travel isn't possible (so he is unable to go to Japan). He is now at home receiving pain management and care from hospice. This page has been such a comfort to him, especially reading the wonderful messages. Knowing the financial stress has been relieved has been a huge weight off his mind. We thank everyone who has contributed to make his remaining time as comfortable as possible. Much love.

Sue Bowie's involvement (page creator)

Veronica and I have been friends since we were 11. She made a winning choice when she married Derek Browne - talented front man of the Auckland-based band dDub and all round superbly kind gentleman. I love and admire them so much that I want to help give Derek the best possible chance to get well. I hope we can raise enough money to get him the treatment he needs and to sustain them for the next while so that they can focus on the journey they have ahead.

Use of funds

Any money raised will go towards medical expenses, overseas hospital travel and ongoing living costs. This will help to make Derek’s life as comfortable as possible and ease the financial stress on both he and Veronica.

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Derek home again after 10 days in Hospice.  10 March 2019

Hi lovely friends and family. After 10 days in the hospice Derek can finally come home. Good food, lots of love and care from the hospice team and good pain management have meant he is strong enough again to be cared for at home.

Yesterday we had a very frank discussion with the oncologist and hospice Dr.

There are two stark choices.

1. Receive Chemotherapy; This will knock him back again and depending on his marrow reserves he will either recover and have less pain and extended life (months) or won't recover and will be in the same or worse shape he is in now.

It also takes 3 cycles (over 2 months) to see if it is working 😞

If it does work and he gets stronger then we will go for immunotherapy in Japan.

2. Let the disease run its course. The time frame for this is unknown (again in terms of months), he will have good days and bad days and as time goes on the bad days will outnumber the good ones.

She did say we can wait another two weeks before making the decision as he is stable again now.

So I asked D what the most important use of his limited energy was. It was really clear.

Derek's main goal is to record his remaining acoustic songs. He has been working on these for the past 3 years and they were all ready to go before he got ill.

His producer has said he is ready to go when Derek is, so we are hoping and praying that his present improvement will continue so he has enough energy to record them within the next two weeks.

I know that many many of his friends and extended family would love to visit, for now it just isn't possible and I am sorry.

Tomorrow he is coming home and we are going to have some precious time with our cats and the garden.

We are still adding in alternative treatments and still hoping and praying for recovery.

Much love Vxx

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    Guest Donor on 11 Aug 2019



  • Erickson

    Erickson on 30 Apr 2019


    From the Erickson family in Perth with much love. Bryan, Kym, Toby and Elise XX


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    Guest Donor on 29 Apr 2019



  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 28 Apr 2019


    Wonderful man-still in shock and sadness at this horrific cancer-thoughts and love are with Dereks family-


  • Ainsley and Tony Waite

    Ainsley and Tony Waite on 26 Apr 2019


    Can't believe the world has lost someone so special. Derek, you had a heart of gold and brought joy to so many. We will always remember you and that cheeky smile not to mention the best sideburns in town! You were and still are an amazing person that we will miss forever. all our love Tony and Ainsley Waite xx


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$48,891 of $75,000 goal

Given by 471 generous donors in around 7 months

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