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My Dad's Battle with Brain Cancer

  • First week of radiation therapy done.

      16 October 2021
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    Hi everyone, first of all we just wanted to thank you all again we are very grateful. Yesterday was the first week of radiation done, today dad is not feeling not so well he has headaches, very sleepy, and nauseous. Today was my birthday I enjoyed spending it with my amazing family. Once we want thank each and everyone one of you once we just can’t express how grateful we are.

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    • 19/10/2021 by Glenice

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    • 19/10/2021 by Glenice

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  • Radiation and chemo

      11 October 2021
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    Hi everyone, we just wanted to thank each and everyone one of you, we are beyond grateful 🙏🏼 we just can’t thank you all enough.

    Today my dad started radiation therapy at Auckland hospital, and will start his chemotherapy tonight at 10pm. Hope everything goes well🤞🏼

    This morning before he went to the hospital he was nervous but stayed very positive when he came home he had a headache and was very tired at the end of the day we all stayed positive, once again thank you all so much.

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  • Dads treatment

      7 October 2021

    Hi everyone,I would love to thank each and everyone of you for everyones amazing contribution, we are super grateful. I would like to keep everyone updated, my mum received a email on the 6th of October saying that instead of the 19th my dad will start chemo and radiotherapy on the 11th of October. Once agin I would like to thank each and everyone of you, further updates to come.

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  • Goal Change

      4 October 2021

    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for all your contributions so far. We really appreciate it. We have made a change to our goal, as we feel that what ever people are able to contribute is more than enough. We never had an intention of an end goal to begin with which is why we have removed the end goal.

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