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Hamilton, Waikato

Everyone has heard about the Nana who drove her car into the group of youths robbing a store. This has inspired us to help raise money for her to cover the costs of the damage to her car which if insurance doesn’t come to the party could be over $10,000 worth.

Please help us to cover her costs. Hamilton & Districts Crime Information Croup Nz

*note this image is not Nana

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Helping the lady to cover the cost of fixing her car after ramming it into the car of youths doing a ram raid in Cambridge.

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Rammy Granny fund  17 April 2023

Hi everyone, we have now had a chance to talk to Nana, and are waiting to confirm for certain that her insurance will not cover her, but at this stage it is not looking positive. On that note we have made the decision all funds will go to Nana and she can decide what to do if there are donations left over but indication are could be well over $10,000 worth of damage. Please help support us to help her. She does want to remain anonymous but is overwhelmed with everyone’s kindness

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Barry on 18 Apr 2023
Go granny. I’d do the same so would hope others would help me out too
Charlotte on 18 Apr 2023
Very well done!
Kerry on 18 Apr 2023
Great work👌🏻!
Wendy on 18 Apr 2023
Good on you girl!!
GoGranny on 18 Apr 2023

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This campaign started on 15 Apr 2023 and ended on 18 Apr 2023.