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  • Preparation is starting 🇷🇺     14 January 2018
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    This was me on Thursday....at the dentist. 😂😂

    I need to ensure all my teeth are in order prior to treatment as to avoid infections.

    Was pleasantly surprised, got one small filling (but not in the tooth I was expecting 😬). Had the full overhaul and all is how it should be 👍. Will go to the hygienist for a clean and book another clean for the week before I go. Can tick that box Woop woop 🙌.

    Talking of ticking boxes, I have a lot of them to get through. Lists are my friend. I have 5 different ones on the go at the moment, just for my trip.

    ✈️ ‘to get there’ list

    🏥 ‘medical checks/referral’ list

    💵 ‘fundraising’ list

    🛒 ‘food to take’ list

    🇷🇺 ‘essentials to purchase’ list

    Some are ALOT longer that others!!! Some have sub lists too!!! Fair to say my brain is somewhat overwhelmed 🤯, but I will start ticking those boxes and it will all fall into place.

    Bank meeting, flights and hotel booking, fundraising venue/date/details and confirming acts, are all on the agenda next week.

    223 days till I depart!!!


    Thanks again to everyone making this a possibility for me!! 🙏 🙏🙏

    Nat xx

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  • Glad to see the back of that year!!!     31 December 2017
    Main image

    Someone once told me “you are only dealt what you are tough enough to handle”. Well this year I was certainly tested and I surprised myself.

    I found strength I never knew I had. I have maintained patience through crippling tiredness. I wore a smile when I was crumbling inside. I have had to adjust to the new broken me.

    Fair to say, i have had my toughest year yet!!! I am happy to see this one turn over, that’s for sure. But bracing myself for the next.

    I made the decision to not take this one laying down, take control of what I am losing control of. Knock this MS on the head!!!

    2018 is going to be a tough year but it’s going to be MY year. I have more fight in me yet, this year was just my warm up!!! If I could fight this year, seeing no end, I can fight harder next year, seeing the end.

    Bring on HSCT Moscow August 27th 2018 🇷🇺

    A huge thanks to my personal support people this year. They have been there every step of the way. My Mum and Dad, Fitzy (my girls’ Daddy), Tres (my cousin), Chantelle (my rock, oh and my boss 😜). The bunch of awesome Augustine gals I work with.

    And last but not least, my best friend Lis, suffering herself this year with challenges greater than mine, but stilll there to pick me up 💞love ya girl (oh and Coles 😉), we are in this together guys 👊.

    A massive thanks to Kels and Nath for supporting me 🙏

    And a thank you to ALL of you!!!

    Wishing you all a Happy New Year!! May all your wishes come true, like you are making mine 😊.

    Nat xx

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  • ❤️❤️Thank you, Thank you, Thank you ❤️❤️     27 November 2017

    Since sharing my video with you all on Thursday, and thanks to everyone that took the time to share it, I have been able to connect with so many HSCT patients from all over the world 💞.

    The common comments are ‘you won’t regret it’ - ‘best thing I ever did’ - ‘would do it all over again’. These words are just so comforting and just confirm to me, that I have indeed made a great decision!!!

    I have also connected with 3 fellow MS sufferers that will be in Russia at the same time as me 😍, how awesome is that?!?! We are going to kick MS’s butt together 👊.

    Again I would like to thank every single person for sharing my post, joining my page, sharing my story!!!

    Thank you for your extreme generosity, flooding in in so many ways, from so many people, from so many places! I’m completely lost for words 😊

    Thank you - thank you - thank you

    Nat xx

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  • $58,417.22 donated
  • 1,115 generous donors

$58,417 donated

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