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Solu-Khumbu and Helambu, Nepal. Earthquake Appeal

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    Kim asks

    Hi there, I was just wanting to check how my sister Tracey Dearlove and Jonathan Cleawater are? I know that they were setting out with your crew about a week ago, and just wanted to make sure that they are well and safe...



    on 6 May 2015

    • Mal Haskins

      Mal Haskins

      Hi Kim. Just out in range of 3g to see and answer your question. JC and Tracey r safe and well if not a little bit tired and gruby. Tracey has been doing an amazing job with admin and aid distribution as well as doing some medical missions. JC is heading up the field operation as I'm now heading back to Kathmandu for some meetings. JC has also been doing some scouting to some of the remote villages in the area. They have both been essential to what's going on - couldn't have coped without them. Regards. Mal

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